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Cat art canvas : Modern wall decoration with feline inspirations

The animal star, the cat, can be found in decorative wall art canvas ! One of man's best friends, well known for his purr and soft fur, comes in a cat canvas print for your wall decoration. With portrait format cat heads and piercing eyes, these decorative cat art will be the perfect design frame for all lovers of this little ball of fur.

Do not miss these contemporary cat canvases which will undoubtedly soften your interior decoration while providing a modern aspect.


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What if the cat was part of your decoration ? As a printed canvas, the cat finds its way to be the key detail of your interior wall decoration. By opting for a trendy cat canvas, you take the plunge for a pretty animal interior.

The decorative cat canvas print, bearer of symbols

As far as we can go in history, the cat has always been a part of human life. Carrying many meanings, this feline displays courage, patience, a spirit of adventure, a spirit of independence as well as an exploration of the unknown. Reasons that have become sources of inspiration for our designers, to bring comfort to the decor thanks to its illustration with cat print canvases.

A range of designer wall decoration rich in choice

The range of cat wall canvas presents artistic works chosen for the quality of rendering of the images but also for their ease of adaptation in decoration.

An image for an animal atmosphere

Just by entering a room where a painting of a little kitten thrones, all hairy with its round eyes, the heart melts and lets itself be caressed by this image. The shadow of two cats in the moonlight, perched on the roof, diffuses love and romance in a cocooning living room or in a bedroom. While a cat canvas that invites you to play with its playful eyes will instead create a jovial atmosphere.

Our array of cat wall canvas gives you plenty of choice so you can create your own ambiance.

A suitable dimension for each wall

Our cat wall art canvas print are available in size and number to suit your wall and your decorative desires. A large canvas always catches the eye as soon as you enter the room. Perfect for a wide section of wall, in a living room, on a hotel wall or even in your office.

See even further by choosing our wall art of cats in several panels for a guaranteed 3D effect. A cat on a small printed canvas can find its place in a hallway or in the kitchen. Browse our vague collection to find your favorite.

A design studied to perfect your wall decoration

All the canvas of cats that parade before your eyes are a research in design and aesthetics. This begins with the choice of images selected for their charisma. We use thick canvas for a more natural look. For printing, the inks are chosen because of their odorless but above all ecological character. The printer outputs high definition images, with brilliant and high color, which is UV resistant.

Finally, to ensure that your canvas print reach you intact, we always deliver them carefully packed, with corner protectors. Contemporary with clean or discreet lines, retro in black and white, vintage or even classic, our cat art wall have all been shaped to match all styles of decoration.