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Marilyn Monroe Canvas

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Marilyn Monroe wall art : Glamorous decorative canvases of the actress

The fabulous Marilyn Monroe in a collection of deco canvases ! An internationally known face and unequalled beauty, the famous actress proposes you Marilyn Monroe canvases to decorate your lounge or bedroom with a unique touch. Crack up for those Marilyn Monroe canvases in different styles, abstract, pop art or design for unique portraits of Marilyn Monroe. Your decoration will never be the same again with those low price deco canvases delivered free in metropolitan France and Belgium.


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The glamor icon leaves its mark on our collection of printed canvas. Dress your walls with the beauty Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood star of the 50s. Our artists dedicate a whole variety of styles to her, just to embellish your interior with wall art of Marilyn Monroe.

The queen of glamor at the heart of your wall decoration

The beauty of this woman has captured the attention of the whole world and even until now, despite her passing. The clichés which represent Marilyn Monroe over the years are numerous. This is because beyond being an actress, she was also a fashion icon.

Over the years, Marilyn Monroe remains the very symbol of femininity. With a beautiful face, a dreamy figure and an independent character, every shot of this Hollywood icon becomes a collection to be grabbed. The experience of Marilyn Monroe is transposed on documentaries, clothing styles as well as perfumes. Our artists have paid tribute to it on modern printed canvases and designs.

Marilyn Monroe becomes a timeless wall decoration

Collecting photos of your star is good. Seeing it on a printed frame, standing proudly in your home, is better. The ambivalent personality of Marilyn Monroe has inspired our artists, through the photos taken of her during her life. Many styles have emerged from his photos.

The abstract style brings out more the natural beauty of this iconic woman, great for a dark background wall. While a wall art printed with a play of black and white is perfect for a vintage style. Choose from the different angles that highlight your star. There is a huge selection that focuses just on her face. Other decoration show her entire figure. An album reserves prints of Marilyn Monroe in her daily environment. Regardless, the design of each Marilyn Monroe print canvas is meticulously studied to suit any type of decorative style.

A support that further sublimates Marilyn Monroe

You pick your favorites from our prints, by clicking on the format and size that suit you. On this point, we provide you with three different formats: square, rectangle and round. In dimensions, you will have to indicate if you want a small, medium or large wall decoration. After giving us your criteria, we print on a cotton canvas, stretched over a wooden frame. Our inks are chemical free and odorless. The use of high definition printer allows to have a visual that respects the colors of the original model. Using state-of-the-art technology, each wall decoration art comes out with a moisture and UV resistant finish.

Once our work is done, we deliver your wall art canvas in the weeks following your order. It will already be ready to hang, thanks to the hanging system provided on the back of the board. Once hung on your wall, your printed canvas of Marilyn Monroe will give your interior a touch of freshness for many years to come.