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Daft Punk Canvas

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Daft Punk canvas : Modern wall decorations of Daft Punk

Deco canvases giving some ambiance to your home decoration ! Our collection of Daft Punk canvases shows the two famous DJs to mix and dance all night. Always with a modern and design touch, those Daft Punk canvases will be perfect for a bedroom or in a disco-style restaurant for wild evenings. Our Daft Punk deco canvases show the two DJs in original photos or in pop art style to satisfy all their fans.


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This time, the world of music takes center stage. Electronic music went through a big upheaval with the arrival of Daft Punk in the early 90s. Since then, Daft Punk has continued to gain prominence. Our team has fashioned a whole collection of limited edition Daft Punk wall decoration, just in the image of this world famous group. As a printed canvas, it is a wall art canvas that will put a festive atmosphere in your interior.

A singular musical signature that dresses your walls with these modern canvas

Two faceless heads, two masks and a musical repertoire that gets the adrenaline rush of night owls, this is the signature of these international DJs. Keeping this anonymity further increases the hilarity of the fans towards these two French people. The photos where these DJs appear all have this original side, by deliberately hiding behind their helmets and costumes. It was this aspect that drew our team to transpose them onto a printed wall frame. Ideal for the wall of a bedroom, recording studio or restaurant, this collector aims to create a disco atmosphere, ready to dance until dawn.

Why a Daft Punk print canvas ?

Quite simply because once the photo is printed on the canvas, it becomes an incomparable work of art, worthy of a gallery. In addition, the printed table allows for expansion in number. Beyond posing on a simple photo paper, you will admire the Daft Punks on a wall art divided into two, three, four or even five panels. It is the perfect composition for the wide living room wall.

With the printed wall art, you can have different sizes to match your wall space. Advances in technology allow our workshop to provide a quality, very high definition picture. The use of heavy cotton canvas and eco-friendly inks brings out loyalty and fixation of the original colors. This collection of Daft Punks has undergone a water repellent and anti-UV treatment. The combination of these processes will contribute to the longevity of these wall decorations.

A collection of wall art decoration that come in styles

Choose the pop art style, a nod to the uniqueness of this group, to make the walls of your children's room vibrate. This collection allows you to create contrast. Place, for example, a predominantly black Daft Punks print art on a white wall background. The style will emphasize the sobriety of your room. Our album dedicated to two DJs can match any decorating style. You just need to let your music-loving side do the talking to create your own style. Everything is allowed, you are the master of your decorative inspiration.

After your order has been confirmed, it takes a maximum of three weeks for our team to deliver your Daft Punks printed board to you. The parcel will be wrapped in bubble wrap, with corner protectors so that the canvas remains intact. The hanging system on the back of the canvas will facilitate suspension. Installation of the Daft Punks board is easy, as it is a lightweight stand. Just remember to dust it off every month so that dust doesn't collect and dull the print.