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Black and white art photo: Modern aluminum artist frame

Our collection of design art photos takes you into an original collection of black and white art photos shot by our artists ! Printed on Dibon aluminium for top-of-the-range deco canvases, our black and white art photos limited series will captivate you with a style including contemporary and design touches. All our black and white art photos come in abstract, modern or fashion themes to meet all your expectations. You will surely find your happiness with our black and white art photos


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The black and white style is always unmistakable when it comes to decoration. It is even more so, when transferred to aluminum. Their combination is the perfect formula to stay in the trend in photo art on aluminum.

Black and white in fine art photos

The purity as well as the softness obtained by the color white contrast with the audacity and the sobriety of the color black. This is the Ying and Yang of wall decoration. A black and white photo on the refined side of the work. Pure elegance is achieved just with these two totally opposite colors. The advantage of black and white is how easily it blends with the design already in place. Each print is submitted to you for its HD quality but also for the feelings it contains. Retro, melancholy, romanticism, everything is there with the selections of our artists.

Printing our fine art photos on aluminum

This revolutionary support is the envy of designers. Why? Because in addition to being sturdy, it is light. The black and white fine art photos are printed directly onto the aluminum foil, exhibiting extreme color accuracy. This process does not require the use of glue. This frameless stand reveals black sides, thanks to the polyethylene core.

In addition, the high quality inks used bring out the intensity of black and white contrasts. By opting for photos printed on aluminum, be sure to have it with you for years to come, without the colors fading.

The styles obtained in black and white photos on aluminum

Our photographs feature a black and white art photo album rich in styles. The themes are varied to facilitate your research. One of the advantages is that this combination of colors blends with other shades. In a room that aims to be contemporary, bohemian, retro or even minimalist decoration, we have all original prints.

While browsing our catalog, you must scroll through all types of styles that match your interior. Once chosen, the black and white fine art photo is printed on the foil, without the need for glue. The aluminum support brings out even more the desired design with its semi-mat or brushed finish. From abstract patterns to paintings of 3D buildings, the black and white photos are captivating because everything is worked with a magnifying glass.

The advantages of black and white fine art photos over aluminum

Various dimensions

Photos printed on aluminum have countless advantages. Among other things, this allows you to expand on the dimensions by opting for small sizes up to XXL version frames.

Diversified forms

This support can also be used to mold rectangular, square and even round shapes. Play with the juxtaposition of shapes on a widened section of wall. Your black and white fine art photos will be highlighted again.

Resistance to waterproofing

Do not forget to place a few black and white photos in the toilets and in the bathroom because know that the aluminum support guarantees optimal waterproofing. The colors of the photos thus protected do not become distorted.

UV resistance

If you feel like hanging black and white photos outside, then do so. Our photos printed on aluminum have high resistance to UV rays.

The ordering process

We simplify the procedures so as not to waste time because it only requires three steps. Once you have chosen your black and white photo, you just need to choose the size and shape. References will be given to you as well as models to give you an overview. The last step is to validate your order.

Delivery of your art photo in black and white on aluminum

When your order is launched, our team will give you two weeks to deliver your photo on aluminum. We have opted for reinforced packaging, in addition to bubble wrap, to prevent shocks due to transport.

The hook and the maintenance

A hook kit is already supplied with your order. However, you can always use other options, if you wish. Aluminum is a very light photo mount, so you won't have too much trouble hanging it properly.

When it comes to maintenance, simply dust off with a soft, dry cloth, remembering to put on gloves, so as not to leave fingerprints. If you face more stubborn stains, rub them gently with a damp cloth. Finally, never use cleaning products as this may damage the print.