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Triptych Canvas

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Triptych wall art canvas : Abstract canvases in three panels for a large wall decoration

The trend is with contemporary triptych canvases that can cover a large part of your large white walls ! Our triptych design printed canvases show different worlds like flowers canvases, abstract canvases, design or black and white canvases to offer you several deco boards in one deco canvas. With an easy set-up our low price modern triptychs will put your imagination at work to place the different design canvases in the order you want!


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A wall decoration that is unanimous is the decorative wall art canvas. For centuries, it has never ceased to evolve. In painting or in print, the abstract printed canvas remains a timeless ornament that restores dynamism to the wall. Nowadays, the most trendy version is undoubtedly the multi-panel wall art, in other words the triptych decoration.

Triptych canvases : An unrivaled visual for modern wall decoration

One of the advantages of the triptych wall decoration is its ability to cover a fairly large wall surface. As the canvas exhibits a work that will be divided into three parts, it is normal that it is expressed on a large section of the wall.

These tables are created to attract attention. Their scale makes them easy to impose themselves in the room where they stand, while being easy to match with any type of decoration. The must of a triptych canvas comes from the story that the serial work tells. Our artists adorn themselves with this large surface to express their talent and their affect. This work is felt when we contemplate the triptych canvas, where each transposed and printed image has been shaped with personalization.

Design triptychs canvas : An infinite set of themes and colors

Our designers offer different themes that will each in their own way create different atmospheres in your interior. From baroque to industrial, including contemporary, all styles are allowed. Our workshop loves playing with colors for even more effects.

Choose colors that will clash with the rest of your furniture but especially your wall. Our advice ? Try to break the monotony of a monochrome room with our selections of tropical triptych or romantic wall art, which do justice to bright colors. If you like to stay in a rather minimalist style, calm the atmosphere with all the varieties of black and white triptych canvases. Have fun filling all the rooms of your interior with different palettes of triptych printed canvases. Just this wall decoration is enough to brighten up your living room, your bedroom, but also your dining room.

Triptych wall canvas print : How to hang it ?

Arranging a canvas with multiple panels requires a bit of technique. But rest assured, you can do it without professional help. After choosing the place for your canvas, measure each panel and sketch it out on a piece of paper. Bring these sketches back to your wall, allowing 2cm spacing for each canvas. Start with the middle panel. To keep the table straight, use a spirit level. Trace the sides with a pencil. Now place the hooks.

Our triptych canvases are already fitted with fixings, but you can of course choose others. Finally, hang each frame, always starting from the middle. End up hanging the other two.

In the models we offer, there are triptych wall art intended to be installed vertically or horizontally. The installation method remains the same, that is to say that we always start by fixing the middle canvas. As soon as you have finished placing your masterpiece, you will immediately see the beautiful transformation that a three panel canvas brings.