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Oil Painting Triptych

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Triptych oil painting on canvas: An abstract touch in three panels for wall decoration

Our Artwall and Co artists stay in the trend and propose you a design oil painting triptychs collection ! With real brush strokes, those modern oil painting triptychs will be the perfect art piece for a design and contemporary interior. The relief highlighted by the paint effects on these modern triptychs gives a unique and coloured finish entirely hand made. Those oil painting triptychs come in several boards and will be easily hung up on one of your white walls.


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The collection of design painting triptychs at Artwall and Co

The design painting triptych is the kind of modern decoration that allows a very contemporary dressing. It allows a very practical filling of space, while expressing the inspiration of the artists of our time. In addition, the design is part of several styles that bring relief to your interior.

The advantages of the design painting triptych in the interior decoration

In any case, a decorative paint triptych has considerable advantages for the interior decoration. In addition, when the artist works his brushstroke in a personal way, it results in a completely contemporary work of art.

The triptych is an advantage for large surfaces

The design painting triptych category is one of Artwall and Co's bestsellers. The reason is that it is a kind of wall decoration with an aesthetic rendering suitable for large spaces. The look is definitely modern and sophisticated.

The modern triptych paints a very artistic style

The style is very artistic, marking the continuity of the same work on three different panels. The same support that is divided into three for an aesthetic that immediately catches the attention of the observer.

A brushstroke that accentuates the relief

Modern design doesn't mean turning your back on tradition. The collection of wall painting triptychs at Artwall and Co is a great meeting with the artists. The brushstroke is directly applied to the canvas to give you a unique and genuine work.

How to install a decorative wall triptych to highlight it

The three panels must be installed when dealing with a decorative wall triptych. Thus, they must be installed in a calculated and perfect way for a flawless aesthetic rendering. But also, you have to prepare the place properly to showcase the work.

Easy fixing of your design art triptych

A triptych must be fixed in an exceptional way. On the one hand, because the paint canvas trio must be perfectly aligned. Then there is the aesthetic rendering of a wall ornament which must be discreet and easy to install.

Arrangement of the space to accommodate a contemporary wall art triptych

The decorative paint triptych is an element that must be placed in a clear and straight space. A stroke of paint to unify the background would be ideal, for a clear view. We always start by placing the middle panel in the center of the wall.

How to choose the modern triptych to match your interior ?

You do not know what kind of modern painting triptych is suitable for your interior ?

Do not worry, the collection offered by Artwall and Co fits into all types of wall decoration

The choice of color for a design painting triptych

There are warm colors and cool colors. If you want a warmer look, your best bet is to go for red or yellow. If you want to refresh the decor, nothing better than a predominance of white or blue.

The question of size for a contemporary triptych

The design painting triptych is always quite large in terms of size. Choose according to the dimensions of your wall.

How are Artwall and Co decorative paint triptychs made

The creation of a modern painting triptych is not like a simple painting. It all starts with the artists, then there is the framing, the packaging, the shipping ...

Contemporary artists for modern triptychs paintings

With all digital devices, modern wall decoration likes to go back to old paint to give it personality. Thus, the design painting triptych that you are going to order is a true work of art. It is a degree of originality that is trendy that we like as a wall ornament.

The framing of your decorative set in triptychs

The modern triptych exudes an artistic cohesion that must be highlighted with a support that matches its elegance. This is why Artwall and Co offers particularly modern and easy to install supports.

Packing and sending of your decorative painting triptych order

Your triptych is packaged in such a way as to protect the wall art painting. First with bubble wrap, then with reinforced cardboard. This allows your order to come out in aesthetically perfect condition.

What are our different styles of design painting triptychs

Of course, the collection presented on Artwall and Co relies on different styles to match all tastes. Are you a fan of representations of nature or more attracted to the abstract ?

Abstract art on a paint deco triptych

Paint-deco triptychs are particularly in demand with abstract art. The rendering is always more striking with this representation with several panels. An implosion of magma or trees in winter, the rendering is as aesthetic as it is artistic.

The natural style on the design painting triptychs

Natural is also very popular on decorative painting triptychs. A landscape is always more spectacular on several panels. The sense of continuity is more powerful there. You can also paint white flowers to add an original touch to your room.

All the ingredients are present to make your interior an artistic and modern gallery with these multiple paintings!