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Indoor wall clock : original wall clocks

Time is our most precious thing … So decorate your interior with an Artwall and Co design wall clock ! Our modern clocks range will help you bring a contemporary touch in your lounge or kitchen with such quality materials as wood or metal. From big wall clocks to design pendulum clocks, our collection takes you into unique styles and in the spirit of the times to enhance your walls and interior decoration. Our wall clocks are unique pieces where time mixes with art and design to create an original work and not just a clock.


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Choose your wall clock on Artwall and Co

Time imposes its rhythm on us. He goes by and never stops, we need to watch him. This is why the wall clock remains a timeless decoration in our urban interiors. She reminds us to be active and keep moving. Artwall and Co offers you different versions that can fit into your contemporary or vintage decor.

Wall clock : giving the time in a designer decor

Each element that matches your interior can take an artistic form. The objects express feelings and give a special atmosphere.

A timeless object in the house

Having a wall clock is a classic. But the object is timeless, it is its presentation that changes appearance. It is therefore always relevant, its design adapting to current trends. Artwall and Co takes you on a journey through time with its different models available.

A wall decoration with a double function

Don't be late for work, watch the cooking time ... this is not just a classic wall decoration meant to be used as an ornament. The wall clock is a tool whose primary role is to indicate the time.

The raw materials you find on Artwall and Co

The mechanisms of a wall clock have probably not changed for centuries. But the aesthetic aspect of this timepiece has changed greatly since the first circular and impersonal dials of the past century. At Artwall and Co we can now find wood, metal… and above all more inspiring and unusual shapes.

The different styles of wall clocks at Artwall and Co

How can a clock be broken down ? The essential basis is the presence of needles. Indeed, we can do without numbers. Rather, it is the theme of the dial which is important and which dictates the choice to be made.

The design wall clock

The wall clock takes on a more artistic look. So we look at the time in a different way. Looking for the needles, we find ourselves contemplating original lines, as if we were in front of an abstract decorative painting.

The wooden wall clock

It is a material that has become essential for modern wall decoration. It is therefore logical that the wall clock has a shell made of wood. Its warm appearance is unparalleled, and the characteristic features of each piece are unique.

The metal wall clock

Metal is malleable. Its appearance gives a modern rendering, thanks to the treatments made by the artists. The mechanical aspect is sublimated by this industrial touch in the design, which gives a very modern feel to these wall clocks.

The world map wall clock

The dial is able to transform into an inspiring and thematic backdrop. Thus, we can associate the wall clock with a map of the world, as you can see on Artwall and Co. Add to that a few colors, it gives a kind of painting with modern and contemporary inspiration.

Wall clock : how to hang it ?

If the watch is hung on the wrist and the alarm clock is on the bedside table, the wall clock is still high. This is what gave this decorative orientation of the object.

The best place for an Artwall and Co wall clock

In the living room, office or dorm room, the wall clock is always welcome. It can also take pride of place in the kitchen or the dining room, to indicate the weather or simply to decorate. The important thing is that it is at the right height so that it is visible to everyone.

Prepare the place to install your wall clock

We often place a wall clock in a clear space. So as not to have to look for it or confuse it with a simple wall ornament for purely decorative purposes.

How to properly attach a wall clock

A clock is like all wall decorations from Artwall and Co. It is hung with a fixing system designed only for this occasion. This is to prevent damage to the wall, in the event that it is not possible to use a nail.

Order and delivery of your wall clock at Artwall and Co

No order is trivial at Artwall and Co. All stages of order processing are done to ensure a certain quality when it comes time to unpack your package.

Top-of-the-range product quality

Your wall clock at Artwall and Co is of premium quality. The finish of the dial, wood or metal, is carried out in an artisanal way. This gives a personalized rendering for all the works and an artistic touch for each product that you order on the site.

Secure payment

Your purchase on Artwall and Co takes place with the help of a secure platform to protect your banking and personal data.

Packaging and order processing

Your wall clock from Artwall and Co is first wrapped in bubble wrap. It is a protection against the shocks of transport, and allows to guarantee the absence of breakage on arrival. Your package arrives at your home in reinforced cardboard which is recyclable.