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Animals Oil Painting Canvas

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Animal oil painting canvas : hand painted paintings of design animals

With precise brush strokes and explosions of colours our animals paint canvases collection will brighten up your interior decoration ! Zebras, elephants, tigers or giraffes…these modern paint canvases propose unique trendy works showing the most beautiful animals on our planet. This touch of nature coupled with our artists’ work give you a subtle mix of art at the crossroads of different worlds that will enthrall you with their works. These nature paint canvases are fixed on a wooden frame and delivered with an easy-to-use hanging system.


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Artist's animal oil painting

The animal painting decoration is a powerful creator of atmosphere. The decoration must add color and bring a spirit to the room it adorns. Contemplation must induce a conscious journey to another world.

The colors can go in all directions, making the natural totally abstract.

Discover the collection of animal oil paintings available on Artwall and Co.

The different types of animal paintings on Artwall and Co

As you would expect, Artwall and Co offers different styles of animal wall paintings. The difference between a normal photo and a real work of art is that you never tire of looking at it.

Abstract animals oil painting

Yes ! The abstract can take hold of animals and give them very complex and above all colorful imaginative forms. Elephant, tiger or even cow, all the subjects of the animal kingdom lend themselves to the imaginative exercise of artists. Photographers or painters, the goal is to sublimate the beast to make a portrait that gives personality to your interior.

Pop Art animal wall painting

The Pop Art animal painting always fascinates the observer with its colors. A wall ornament that explores various artistic dimensions, it is always ideal to have a personalized atmosphere in your interior.

Contemporary animal oil painting

In the past, wall decoration with animals was mostly related to taxidermy or portraits. Now the animal painting is steeped in surrealism and inspiration. Contemporary art in all its splendor that comes to enliven your interior with completely surprising appearances.

An animal painting frame : an always inspiring show

An animal painting on Artwall and Co gives sensations when you look at it. It is the inspiration of the abstract or the influence of the natural. Regardless, it's still a show you love to watch all day long.

Colors on an animal painting frame

Each animal has a color assigned to it by nature. They have a useful role for their survival, whether in camouflage or to seduce partners. But the animal design painting can play with the colors, which has the gift of pleasantly surprising us at the sight of each work.

Possible artistic colors on an animal painting wall decoration

An elephant with red and blue? Would he have gone through a body painting session before being photographed ? Regardless, the oil painting of animals artistically expresses the possibilities that nature has refused to show us. This gives a wall decoration that tickles our imagination and takes us to another world.

Contemplation, admiration, wall decoration

An animal painting is always beautiful to contemplate. The bestial soul of the predator or the majestic power of the pachyderm always impresses men and arouses their admiration. This is the kind of wall decoration perfect to put a special atmosphere in your interior design.

A wall decoration for the different rooms of the house

The animal painting is a decoration of choice in the contemporary interior. Most of the time, the main topic is familiar to everyone. But the still extremely artistic representation still impresses the observer.

What is the ideal piece for an animal painting ?

The great thing about the animal oil painting frame is that it is able to come into any room of your house or apartment. An inspiring side that can be placed in a student room, a highly decorative aspect to stay in the living room. But also warm colors to enhance a reception room.

A wall decoration that adapts to all environments

You will understand, the animal painting is a wall decoration that adapts to all environments. Whether you want a modern look or you prefer a more traditional look, the animal painting canvas has everything you need to qualify it as a passepartout wall decoration.

How to set up your animal painting frame

Aesthetic purity is achieved when the wall decoration fits perfectly into its dedicated space. This means that the fixing system must be discreet, easy to install and above all solid.

An easy-to-hang decorative painting on Artwall and Co

Artwall and Co’s animal wall painting canvas are not only characterized by their decorative and artistic appearance. There is also the practical dimension. Indeed, any wall decoration must be able to hang in an ergonomic way. This is important for the aesthetic rendering of your wall decoration.

Installation of the painting animals

To install your animal painting canvas, Artwall and Co offers you a hanging system. The latter is modern and easy to use. This way you don’t need a nail and hammer to set up your wall ornament.

Choose your favorite animal and discover its design version with our hand paintings