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Oil Painting Special Sale

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Low price oil painting wall canvas : cheap art painting for low price

Artwall and Co proposes a low-price collection of abstract oil paintings. To invite art into your apartments and houses, these paintings will be perfect to bring more life to your wall decoration. The trendy canvases are a clever mix of modernity and coloured ambiances to take you on a trip to different designs from your interior decoration. A modern or abstract oil painting can change the mood of a room bringing an important focus thanks to its relief. These oil paintings will allow you to discover unique paintbrush strokes from our Artwall and Co different collections while controlling your budget. All these design oil paintings are fixed on a wooden frame.


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Cheap painting on Artwall and Co

Do you need to decorate the walls of your living room or kitchen? Do you want to offer your child or your friend a decoration for their bedroom? You can find the theme you like when it comes to cheap painting on Artwall and Co.

Choose from the thousands of references on Artwall and Co to make a gift or to treat yourself at a low price!

The advantages of wall painting at Artwall and Co

A modern support, a refined look, the inexpensive paintings by Artwall and Co stand out for their aesthetics and the raw material used. The nobility of art is visible through its presentation.

Modernized wall decoration

The talent of contemporary artists applied on a modern support gives a very trendy wall decoration for our interiors. Printed canvas or painting, you have a large choice on Artwall and Co.

The aesthetics and presentation of the wall decoration

The presentation, the framing, the format, the theme ... there is so much style that all tastes are allowed. The search for perfection sometimes leads to minimalism, such as the discretion of the fixing means.

The different cheap paintings and design paintings

An inexpensive painting or a painting at a low price, At Artwall and Co you are spoiled for choice. The theme, the presentation, the colors… there is something for all tastes and all sizes allowing you to choose according to its interior and what attracts us. The customization is endless and your piggy bank will be delighted!

African paintings

The trend started in the last century, when explorers brought back vestiges from their safaris and explorations in Africa. Nowadays, African paintings are at the heart of the decoration of our interiors. They bring an intriguing and fascinating look to the walls.

Abstract painting

Formerly misunderstood, abstract painting is today interpreted as modernity and style. The abstract fascinates and inspires Western contemporary interior decorators. You have all kinds of them on Artwall and Co, and especially at unbeatable prices!

Wall paintings with multiple panels

The positive point of multiple panels painting is this continuity in the presentation. A triptych takes up more space. Above all, one has the impression of having several pieces that form only one decoration. Discover artist canvases at low prices with our selection.

How to install the painting frame

A wall decor is not like furniture. They float on the walls like levitating clothes. The installation must be done with care, if you really want to have a look that throws. Fortunately for us, paintings and cheap paintings from Artwall and Co are easy to set up.

A modern decoration element that is easy to hang

No fuss or big work to do to hang our paintings. Just choose the place to hang it and voila with our integrated hanger.

Room layout for a painting by Artwall and Co

Of course, it takes a little preparatory work in the place that will accommodate your wall decoration. A clean place with a homogeneous paint and without growth is more than enough. Obviously, it would be best not to put wallpaper, so as not to overload the atmosphere and let the painting do its decorative work.

How the Artwall and Co paintings were born

The thousands of references of cheap wall decoration are the result of a high quality manufacturing process. This important point guarantees a top look and a presentation capable of enhancing your interior decor.

A fully qualitative object

The promotion of Made in France is part of the Artwall and Co approach. The visual emotions are confronted with the know-how for an expression of art in all its beauty. Thus ensuring quality and perfect beauty for interior decoration. All our decorative fabrics are sent directly from our workshop in the south of France.

An order shipped quickly and carefully

The painting is treated like a jewel. A reinforced cardboard box with reinforced edges, but also bubble wrap, which protects your decorative element so that it arrives at your home without defects.

How to choose your oil painting

Some paintings are more suitable for one room than another. There are some for children, for adults, for the kitchen or the living room ... You have to choose well, depending on the decor already present or in relation to the people who live there.

The room to decorate with the painting frame

If the painting had a kingdom, Artwall and Co would be the capital. There are inexpensive paintings for all rooms in the house, for adults and for children.

The size of your wall to accommodate the cheap painting

In fact, to choose, it's just a question of size, that of your wall to decorate. After, you can please according to your tastes, and rest assured, there is something for everyone.