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Choix couleur trophée

Choix couleur trophée



Wall Deco Special Price

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Wall decoration discount : Design decorations at low prices

All your favourite design wall decorations at low prices ! If you have a large wall and wish to enhance it, this collection of wood, metal, paper wall decoration will be the focus of your interior. To all of you design and last home trends lovers, Artwall and Co takes you into unique and original styles for a colourful and modern wall decoration. Discover here real low price design sculptures for your lounge and bedrooms. You can also find trendy decos for children to bring out your little ones’ imagination. Wooden animal heads. Paper trophies or metal wall decoration…Take your pick !


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A collection of discount wall decoration

Decoration enthusiasts, are you looking for inexpensive wall decoration ? Look no further, come and admire the collection of works by our artist-decorators. Decorations at a low price, but high quality just for you.

The quality of our wall decorations above all

Cheap, for us, does not mean anything lower quality. Our designer wall decorations are designed with the unparalleled know-how of our artists. They concoct you the decorations that your interior deserves.

Meticulous, the artists of our gallery take care of each work. We innovate to closely follow the latest trends so that you can proudly adorn your walls. The materials highlighted The world of decoration offers endless possibilities. It is from this possibility that our decorators draw their inspiration.

Wall decorations made of paper at a low price

If you are a person who likes a change of decor like changing shoes, our paper wall decorations will be perfect for you. Paper, in decoration, does not have a lot of followers, because it degrades easily.

However, these decorations are very ecological, are not bulky and adapt to all styles.

African juju hat

In our workshop, you can get juju hat, African tribal hats that have conquered decoration enthusiasts for some time.

Shade the different colors to bring a little more to your interior

Cheap wood wall decorations

Warm, wood plays an important role in the decor. It is an easy material to work with, sculpt and model. Especially since a wooden wall decoration never loses its elegance. Thus, a whole part of our collection puts wood in honor. Of all shapes and sizes, our animal heads are hoisted into trophies.

The lion, the giraffe, the bear or even the rabbit have their effigy there. You'll be spoiled for choice. If trophies don't appeal to you, animals also appear in geometric heads. In color or in black and white, these figurines are sure to captivate the eyes of your guests.

A collection of metal deco at a low price

Stronger than wood ? Choose from our metal wall decorations. The metal we use is light, yet tough.

Your decoration does not risk damaging your wall. A whole range of decorative objects are at your fingertips. Quotes, maps of the world, leaves, clocks or even representative figures, there is something for everyone. Available in all possible sizes and shapes, metal wall decorations will dress up a wall, whether it is spacious or not.

Insured and secure delivery

Being an online site, our team is in charge of delivering your future decoration to you in complete safety. Each work is carefully packaged in sturdy cardboard, with end cap to protect it from possible shocks. If, despite everything, you experience any inconvenience, contact our customer service so that we can exchange it for you. We are at your disposal and promise you premium quality service.