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Marvel metal poster : Design posters of your heroes

All the Marvel film heroes on metal posters for your interior decoration ! The Avengers, Spiderman, Thor or Iron Man can be found in unique designs created by talented artists. With a top-of-the-range finish on a metal support, those Marvel posters will fill with joy the fans and will wake up the little child in you... You only have to choose your favourite Marvel and pick in our original posters ! So, to be sure that your Marvel heroes hold no secret for you, choose one of our Artwall and Co design metal posters.


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Are you thinking of refreshing the wall decoration of your interior ? Forget the glossy posters and fall for these metal posters. A decoration with great potential, this nod to the Marvel universe will delight geek people. An innovative wall ornament, ready to dress your walls for years to come.

The Marvel universe at the heart of your wall decoration

A lot of people identify with superheroes in their daily lives. This identity goes through the collection of small gadgets, goodies or even clothing models. The designers have integrated this concept into wall decoration. Our metal Marvel posters with a shiny metallic backing tear off like hot cakes. All your heroes are present: Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and even Iron Man. A cool shot that even your guests will notice as soon as they enter the room.

A variation in formats

The Marvel metal poster offers a wide range of sizes: the S (14.2x10cm), the M (45x32cm), L (67.5x48 cm). For those who benefit from a spacious wall, the quilts will eclipse the rest of your ornament. These models are in fact the composition of various plaques to display your hero in a big way. Once assembled, the quilts can reach up to 180cm in height. Enough to have a breathtaking rendering.

Marvel models that go with all styles

With the models provided by our designers, choose the one that suits your room. Dark-looking posters can accentuate a boys' bedroom. Posters of retro heroes come next to a vintage-style living room. With a highly sought-after design, Marvel metallic posters will become the centerpiece of your decoration.

The practicalities of a metal poster

High definition photos of Marvel's heroes are printed directly onto 0.5mm thick metal foil. The quality of the print ensures that the colors always retain their radiance for years to come. In addition, the colors respect as much as possible those of the original photo. The angles are rounded to avoid abrasions.

All these works are made by designers to guarantee you an original and unique metal poster.

An ingenious fixing system

The advantage of these posters lies in their method of attachment. You just have to stick the small magnetic block on the wall and then hang the poster. This way, you don't have to drill your wall. The adjustment can be done easily, should the poster ever lean.

Also, if you want to change the metal poster of Marvel, you just have to replace the old one by peeling it off. It also allows you to juxtapose different heroes and switch their places as you see fit. Our Marvel metal posters do not require strict maintenance. To remove the build-up of dust, do so only with a dry, soft cloth.