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Metal manga poster : Metal wall decoration of your favorite manga

For the out-and-out fans of Manga and the Japanese culture that counts millions of people, our Manga metal posters are made for you ! From One Piece through to Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, those design posters are unique works created by our artists. Mangas have codes, characters and precise worlds that can be found in an original way on those modern metal posters. Give your interior decoration a touch of animated Manga with this exclusive collection of Manga posters.


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Japanese culture comes into the wall decoration via our metal manga posters. This time, our artists are expressing their talent in a whole different world that fascinates young and old alike.

Sumptuous manga masterpieces on metal posters

Because the manga universe has become world famous and because fans are avid collectors of their idol's merchandise, our designers took special interest in designing metal manga posters.

Die-hard fans will find what they are looking for in these One Piece wall posters featuring Luffy and his pirate friends, Naruto surrounded by his mentor and his loyal friends, or Full Metal Alchemist.

The manga world gives our artists the freedom to illustrate each character in a particular environment specific to them. The interplay of texture, background, color allows each metallic poster to display impressive design customization.

A resistant support combined with an unrivaled printing technique

The time for paper posters is over, choose metal posters to be able to collect your manga characters. With a thickness of 0.5 mm, the metal posters are very thin, flexible and very tenacious against humidity but also against the rays of the sun. The posters keep their original impression for many years without the colors fading.

In both small and XXL formats, the high technology we use for our printers ensures that high definition quality is output. The lines, the shadows, the details, the use of different colors specific to the manga, everything is respected and emerges impeccably in each masterpiece. The finish is stunning.

Different sizes for countless wall decoration ideas

Most of the available formats are already indicated on each metal manga poster. You can therefore already think about where and how to place it, while waiting for the poster to arrive at your place. A wide wall allows you to choose large formats with a single large poster or a poster divided into different plates. The latter will give relief to your wall work, while imposing itself among the rest of your decoration.

If you hesitate between several manga like this metal poster from DBZ, take them all, but in different sizes. Put them side by side, so as to obtain a block at the end. You will get a trendy, very original design that reflects your personality.

Metal poster installation guide

Carefully packaged, your metal manga poster will come with a hanging kit. The metal poster is magnetic. In other words, you don't need to screw or drill to hang it. You just need to stick the small magnet block already provided on the wall, peel off the small film and then put your poster on it. The small block should be in the middle to stabilize the poster.

But first of all, don't forget to clean the wall so that the glue sticks well. If you have patchwork models, first sketch a template to serve as a guide. Outline the corners of each plate pointing the middle for the block. Remove the models. Glue each small block and hang your posters one by one.