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DC Comics metal poster : Superhero design posters for wall decoration

A unique and original collection of DC Comics metal posters ! Batman, Superman or Green Lantern … So many super heroes that can be found in works of art by talented artists ! Those fantastic worlds where the super heroes always win are perfectly represented on those Artwall and Co DC Comics posters. If you wish to decorate your interior with the DC Comics’ world, those metal wall posters will be perfect for you ! With a very easy hanging system, those DC Comics posters will quickly fit in your house or apartment.


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Our workshop has a whole collection of metallic posters for the super heroes of DC Comics. This will give fans a work of art hanging on the wall, to admire the supremacy of their favorite hero.

DC Comics metal poster: A universe where heroes reign

From the youngest to the oldest, the Justice League has left its mark on its fans in one way or another. Our talented artists combine know-how and technology to create metallic wall posters of these superheroes.

The Amazon Wonder Woman on a metal poster with her magic lasso, Green Lantern with her power conferred by her ring or even the electric speed of Flash. Each vigilante has their own limited collection, with a color scheme that makes each scene more grand compared to the next. Once hung on your wall, be sure that your DC Comics metal poster will dethrone the rest of your decor.

Metallic poster : Technology at the heart of innovation

To deliver a quality work of art, our workshop is equipped with a support that is easy to use, but which shows great resistance to bad weather. This ease comes from the fact that each work is printed directly on a sheet of metal, with a thickness of 0.5 mm.

Our team uses a high quality printer with chemical-free inks, so you can hang metal posters in your children's room with peace of mind. The edges are slightly rounded to avoid possible abrasions.

A wall decoration without holes

Many people don't like to drill into the wall to put just any wall decoration. It can even help turn an ornament, no matter how beautiful, if its pose requires a hole in the wall.

The DC Comics metal poster does not require any prior tools. Everything happens by magnetic attraction. In other words, a magnetic film plate comes with the metal poster. The latter is stuck directly to the wall, leaving no trace if one day you decide to move your poster. This attraction allows your poster to be hung for many years. In addition, this support is very light, therefore, easy to adjust.

The most to know about our metallic DC Comics posters

Our metal posters are all in limited edition, intended to be collected. They go with all kinds of styles. To have more relief, make an arrangement of metal posters under the DC Comics theme, so that all your heroes adorn your interior.

Our wall posters are available in several formats. The small as the medium format are suitable for fairly small spaces. The large format, in panoramic or in portrait, fits a fairly wide wall. Once your choice is made, we begin to make your work to deliver it to you in the days following the order. Carefully packaged by us, so your masterpiece arrives at your home intact and ready to hang. The metal poster does not require strict maintenance, but simply needs to be dusted from time to time. Do this with a soft, dry cloth to keep the colors vibrant.