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Abstract Paintings

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Abstract painting : Wall inspiration for your home design

Our offer of “abstract” paintings on canvas is conceptual and timeless. Our collection of abstract paintings will take you into an imaginary and subjective world while introducing “rayonnisme” in your home decoration. These top of the range pictures will bring luxury into your environment. ARTWALL and CO artists present the imaginary side of life on paintings on canvas. Abstract is characterised by a personal understanding and identification of the picture; to quote Michel Seuphor:
“I call abstract art any art that contains no recall, no evocation of an observed reality, whether that reality is or not the starting point of the artist”


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The abstract has become the hallmark of modernity. The contemporary touch in your interior design. The canvas or the painter with this pictorial style is very trendy, stylish and above all intriguing for the visitor. You make an artistic impression.

Abstract art invites itself into your home

Contemporary art sublimates messy lines and improbable colors to make it a striking spectacle. The abstract oil painting is different from the natural themed painting.

Bright color in the interior

What is good with abstract paintings is their explosion of colors. It is a perfect dressing for the minimalist interior and current in the contemporary interior. The abstract often mixes colors, be it a portrait of a modern woman or imaginary waves.

The drawings on the abstract painting frame

And even if black and white are the only colors, the abstract uses unusual lines to color your space. Drawings of a painting canvas like this is almost always a variegated covering, ideal as a filling. Sometimes simple, the abstract can be complex and quite complicated to define.

The theme on an abstract painting decoration

The abstract paintings at Artwall and Co have various themes. A firework of colors or a woman's face, flowers with improbable hues or a sprawling tree. The work can be on one or more panels, the important thing is that you choose a subject that is complementary with your interior style.

The place of the abstract painting

The abstract painting on canvas is to be treated as a wall decoration to be placed high up. There are themes for everyone at Artwall and Co.

Kitchen, bedroom or living room ?

The abstract painting is able to blend into all environments. That is to say in all rooms of your house or apartment. In a living room, kitchen or bedroom, it is an inspiring element that brings a warm atmosphere to your interior.

The abstract painting: At home or in the office ?

The abstract painting is an element that also invites itself into the professional environment with brilliance. It can be placed in a waiting room, a meeting room or a meeting place. Why not an elevator or even a corridor? Do not hesitate to opt for polyptychs with several panels to cover the width of your wall.

A decorative element to place in height

Whatever the place to decorate, the best is to always place the abstract painting well in height. As if it were a real highlight of the canvas, its location is strategic. To be visible and admired by visitors.

How to set up the abstract painting picture

An abstract painting always tests the visitor’s imagination. The work is still alive, through its colors and its designs. It must therefore be highlighted as it should.

A clear and exclusive space for your painting

An abstract painting is never with a common design. This is what makes the personality of your canvas. Such decoration deserves a special place, exclusive if space allows. Leave your canvas alone on a wall, in the same axis as the sofa or the dining table.

How to hang your abstract painting picture

The abstract paintings are like classic wall decorations. On the market, you can have accessories that facilitate their installation.

The elements to fix your painting abstract painting

For your wall painting frame from Artwall and Co, you have all the fixing accessories delivered with. This gives a perfect and straight fit, without making a hole in the wall. You don't even need a hammer and a nail!

How the abstract painting is done

Everything has been done to make your abstract painting a crucial element of your interior design. Design, packaging and sending of your package, everything follows a quality control which guarantees you a flawless product.

Inspired and modern artists

The artists of Artwall and Co are inspired by classical forms, but it is their imagination that makes their works what they are. That is to say an abstract painting canvas with personality to your interior environment.

A handmade abstract painting

The abstract paintings on Artwall and Co are works entirely handmade by our artists. With their brushes and their different color panels, they create original paintings where you can find paint “paste” effects or canvases where you can clearly see the passage of the brush.

Packing and sending your abstract painting at home

Before being sent to you, the abstract painting is wrapped in bubble wrap. Then, it is placed