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Celebrity metal poster : Stars in metal frame for your interior decoration

James Bond, Pink Floyd or even James Dean …Your favourite stars can be found on Artwall and Co wall posters ! In off-the-wall and contemporary styles, those Star metal posters will bring back good memories that you will be able to hang up on your walls. Those Star metal posters are created by our reputed artists to deliver to you some collector posters. With our no-hole no-screw magnetic hanging system setting those original posters is child’s play.


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Do you want to bring an offbeat touch to your decoration ? Opt for our metal posters dedicated to celebrities. Photos of stars revisited by talented artists that become a work of art once affixed to a metal plate.

The stars in all their glory on a metal poster

Metal posters follow the trend. Those designed for celebrities, however, remain in limited edition.

Browse as quickly as possible the artistic works that our album has, so as not to miss this rare pearl. All international stars are honored. Pick from singers or groups like AC / DC, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Michael Jackson or John Lennon, depending on your musical taste and your wall decoration.

Zigzag between the characters of legendary films like James Bond, the Joker or Jack Sparrow. Navigate between the emblematic characters of their time such as Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin but also Karl Lagerfeld. Find your favorite among this collection rich in textures.

Metallic art poster: Endless styles

If you want to keep an atmosphere both mysterious and enigmatic in your interior, choose abstract celebrity metal posters.

Perfect for arousing the curiosity of your guests. Play on the contrasts brought by a monochrome tone for an already colored room or in the opposite direction, break the monotony with a metallic poster of pop art celebrities.

The black and white tone remains very fashionable, to combine with a retro, baroque, vintage or Scandinavian style. With personalized retouching by our artists, each metal poster emerges with more originality, to give your interior a different atmosphere.

The metal art frame : A support at the rate of technological developments

One of the popular features of the metal poster is its magnetic attraction hanging system. Just a block to stick on the wall allows the metallic poster to stabilize. No more need for flaws or nails.

In addition, the metal poster is very thin, in total only 0.5 mm thick. A very light but strong material. Without the need for intermediaries, the HD photo is printed directly on the plate. To guarantee a quality masterpiece that stands the test of time, this support goes through an anti-rust treatment and protection against the sun's rays.

The print comes out with a matte finish.

Indoor and outdoor wall decoration

By using environmentally friendly inks, you can safely place a celebrity metal poster in your little one's room. The anti-humidity and anti-UV treatment will allow you to hang them in the bathroom but also outside (loggia, terrace, rooftop, garden ...) without the colors losing their shine.

For a contemporary panoramic view, try arranging different metal plaques of your stars on a large wall. Remember the most important: give free rein to your decorating desires, because metal posters can spark a lot of ideas. Create your design and personalize your home while having maximum fun.