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Metal animal poster:  Modern animals in metal wall decoration

Your favourite animals on an Artwall and Co metal poster ! From pandas to our trendy stags, those wall posters will bring a touch of nature to your interior decoration. Our artists created that collection to propose you original collector posters printed on a thin layer of metal. Each animal wall poster is signed by its creator and delivered with an easy hanging system. Bring art into your home and mix different ambiances with our high quality Zen animal posters !


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An entire album, devoted to the animal world. This is what our workshop offers to brighten up your interior in all its splendor. How would you say ? Well by enthroning the photo of your favorite animal on a metal poster.

Metal animal poster : Fauna as the centerpiece of your wall decoration

Wildlife is a huge world that most people are passionate about. Our customers love it. The animal theme, in our wall decoration, is still part of our top seller.

An interior decorated with the sweet beauty of a baby elephant, a doe or a family of beavers. A wall that gives off the roar of a hunting tiger, a lioness or a cheetah. A wall ornament that proves an unconditional attachment to your pet, cat, dog or goldfish. These are the feelings that each animal metal poster designed by our artists awakens. Guaranteed authenticity.

Metallic poster: The birth of a wall decoration that stands the test of time

The metal poster is a clever combination of trendy, original and robust creation. The surest way to make your guests lust with a stunning finish. Reasons that led our designers to adopt this support, to brighten up the walls.

Our artists did not deprive themselves of it to put out illustrations around animals. The media is easy to handle, as the printing is done directly onto a very thin metal foil, just 0.5mm thick. This process retains the characteristics of the original photograph in detail.

Metal poster xxl: A variety of sizes for your wall

Find your favorite among the creations of our artistic animal metal poster. The dimensions are various (M, L, XL), to give you a wide choice, depending on your wall space. If you have a fairly large section of the wall, don't hesitate to go big with our models, which come in several panels.

Ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels or offices: Due to its high resistance to UV rays and humidity, you can also place them outside, rooftop or balcony. Do not forget to hang it in the bedroom, in the dining room or in the hallway of the entrance, to provide a special atmosphere.

Perfect combination with any style of wall decoration

Our designers play with graphics to offer various illustrations of animals. Whether the style of your interior is modern, retro or industrial, our collection meets every atmosphere. Contemporary interiors can accommodate a variety of styles. Colors, dimensions, number of plates and patterns. Awaken your decorative side by choosing the mood you want to create yourself.

Once your metal animal poster arrives at your house, be sure to clean the wall it will be hung on first. This poster has an ingenious hanging system that eliminates the need to drill into the wall. Just stick the small block provided to the wall, trying to remove any air bubbles. Peel off the sheet of the magnet and place your poster after.