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Metal poster from film and series : Your classics in design metal poster

For you all film fans and series-lovers of all kinds, this metal posters collection was created for you ! From Back to the future to Pulp Fiction and Ghost Busters, those decorative wall posters show the classics and the latest series. Those collector designs by our artists will allow you to decorate your walls with exclusive and original posters. So if you wish to create a unique ambiance of your favourite film or series, those Artwall and Co posters will be the work of art you need. Each purchase of a metal poster helps you support the artist himself.


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Do you love to devour episodes from your favorite series ? Looking forward to a movie release ? Honor them with this collection aimed at moviegoers and serievers alike. A whole range of metal posters just waiting to be hung in the middle of your interior.

The metal poster : A journey to the heart of a decorative wall poster

We know that you like to travel at full speed through your series and your films. We also know that you don’t miss a thing. These are all reasons that lead us to provide you with a way to admire them, by offering you metal posters with their effigy.

All the themes are present : Retro films and series (Charlie Chaplin, Rocky, Dirty Dancing, Breaking Bad, Friends), cults (Beauty and the Beast, Chernobyl, Game of Thrones) but also the latest popular releases (La Casa de Papel, Avengers End Game, The Joker). But there are still other categories to go through, so that you are completely satisfied.

Film design poster: Metal as an imperishable support

Our workshop already offers various supports to dress the wall. Metal is undoubtedly one of the best supports for a poster to shine brightly for years to come.

Contrary to what you might think, our metal posters are very thin, only 0.5mm thick. A light weight but very strong. This feature enhances HD photo printing, which is done directly on the metal plate. A print that will stand the test of time and withstands both moisture and sunlight.

With a matte finish, the colors stay vibrant, with high-dimensional graphics, even on an XXL print.

The special feature of our film and series metal posters

Whatever the nature of your interior style, wall posters will adapt to it. Especially since the thematic variation allows you to find the one that will suit your decorative aspirations. Because of its metallic composition, the posters blend naturally with the industrial style. Posters from retro movies and series make both the vintage and traditional styles stand out even more. By adopting collectible movie and series wall posters, you accentuate your bohemian and Hollywood trend.

Large metal poster: A variation in formats for your wall decoration

The metal wall poster offers a choice of dimensions. You can perfectly brighten up a less spacious wall with the small formats, to stay in a minimalist atmosphere. If, on the contrary, your wall space is large enough, do not hesitate to exhibit your favorite series or film on a large format or better yet, by adopting the patchwork where your poster is divided into several plates, to form only one. one and very large.

To keep your metal sign securely in place, be sure to clean the wall it is intended for first. Then glue the magnet block by removing the small film and place your poster. Please make sure the block is right in the middle, to stabilize your masterpiece. This magnetic attraction system saves you the hassle of drilling through the wall.