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Black and white metal poster: Metallic touch for your wall decoration

The black and white style in a unique collection of metal posters ! For you all decoration amateurs with this range of colours, here is something to enhance your walls while keeping a design aspect. Those collector posters take you on a trip through different worlds from New York to more abstracts environments. Created by talented artists, our metal wall posters are exclusive works that allow you to support your favourite creators. Each black and white poster is delivered with a magnetic hanging system that will allow you to change your posters indefinitely.


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Black and white, a very popular contrast in wall decoration. We present to you our collection of black and white metal posters. Countless illustrations created by talented artists, never lacking in inspiration.

A timeless wall decoration: The metal poster

The contrast provided by a black and white metal poster gives a design that is both sober and elegant. The touch that will win over the hearts of your guests. To support this timeless decor, our designers have created masterpieces that fall into several categories.

Animals, tropical, city, abstract, music, film… just as many themes that will facilitate your choice of metal poster. When big cities or celebrities are painted in black and white, it is reminiscent of the days of old photographic film. The poster of a couple in rainy weather shows even more its charm, in black and white. This black and white play of color tends to arouse buried feelings, sought after but reassuring at the same time.

Easy harmonization with the style of your interior

The predominantly black or black and white metallic wall posters are easy to incorporate into any wall decoration. Their neutrality makes them blend seamlessly with other colors. A wall dominated by the color red, gold, pink or yellow favors the entry of a metal poster in black and white.

It is the size you would have chosen for your poster that will determine whether it will become the centerpiece of your wall decor or simply add a chic and elegant touch. From a vintage, industrial, contemporary design to a bohemian style, the visual is always exceptional with a black and white poster.

The guarantee of a quality and lasting metal poster

Our concept aims to deliver a poster with a quality print on a support that will stand the test of time. Once the order for your model is confirmed, our team gets down to design, starting by printing the photo directly onto a sheet of metal 0.5mm thick.

The high definition of the colors is obtained by the use of printer according to the technological evolution. The end result is that every print comes out with detailed clarity in black and white. A matte finish for a breathtaking look. Moisture-wicking and UV-resistant, our metal posters are designed to hang indoors and outdoors. The wide choice of sizes will allow you to give free rein to your decorative inspiration, playing with poster arrangements.

A simplified black and white metal poster installation

The installation of our metal posters is very easy, as it is a magnetic hanging system. You just have to stick the small block that came with your poster on the wall and you're good to go. To keep the colors vibrant, be sure to dust off your masterpiece from time to time with a soft, dry cloth.