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World Wall Decoration

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World map wall decoration : world maps and planisphere in modern style

The world map wall decorations have always been very trendy objects for the interiors ! If you are looking to bring a contemporary twist while leaving your guests dreamy, these decorations will be the centerpiece of a successful interior. World map frame, aluminum map wall poster or our wood and metal wall decorations ... Everything is there to satisfy your travel desires to the four corners of the planet ! Take inspiration from our photos to discover unique decorating schemes with design frames, explosive colors or noble materials ... The best selection of wall decoration world map signed Artwall and Co !


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The world map in wall decoration with Artwall and Co

You've probably seen a planisphere on the wall before. But with Artwall and Co you will see the world in another way : with the artistic vision of our designers. The works take us on a decorative journey through the materials and inspirations of the artist. This world map collection is one of the bestsellers when it comes to wall decoration.

World map decoration : Invite the world to your home thanks to Artwall and Co

A school subject or a modern wall decoration ?

We're used to seeing the world, at least the map, especially in educational institutions. However the wall decoration planispheres presented on Artwall and Co go far beyond the geographical dimension of the subject. This results in works of which we always recognize the subject, but which always surprises by the presentation. Projection in the manner of Mercator may very well have an artistic and decorative soul. The colors and materials titillate the imagination, while the texture brings relief to your interior decor.

The link with the outside world, at home

A wall decoration world map is necessarily a link to the outside. Observing it always takes our minds on a journey, just by contemplating it. It reminds us of the countries we have already visited, and presents us with new destinations where we would like to set foot. Using the planisphere as a wall decoration certainly creates a special atmosphere, as if the wall were an opening to the world.

A particularly decorative collection

Artwall and Co offers you a collection of design world maps whose goal is to decorate. As with a painting on canvas or a wall poster. All the countries of the world displayed on one wall, this is the kind of wall ornament that is very trendy right now.

Wall decoration: The materials that shape your "world" at Artwall and Co

The world map can be drawn on many media. Artwall and Co presents various versions in this collection of wall decoration. Here are a few :

The wooden wall planisphere

Wood always has this warm side when it is fixed on the wall. With this kind of designer wooden planisphere, it is no longer just a frame. The advantage of this decoration is that it differs from classic shapes, rectangular for example. But above all, wood always presents a unique appearance. By its color or its stripes.

The planisphere in metal decoration

The metal world map decoration brings this very modern touch to the presentation. In aluminum or steel, the precision of the lines is always clear. Ideal for industrial or contemporary decor. This type of wall decoration is always easy to clean, with the raw material being strong and resistant to humidity.

The wall map made of paper

The paper world map is a classic. But with Artwall and Co it's totally different. If the medium is known, the inspiration of the designers gives a totally unusual aspect. This material keeps it light while adding volume. The shades of colors can also be more pronounced, which is an ideal asset when you want to bring bright colors to your wall decoration.

Decorative world map canvas

You had to think about the menu as a decorative canvas. Let's take the world out of its closed frame and let it take shape in a more artistic way. The adoption of a modern design in the presentation enhances the work. Indeed, the medium becomes the subject, since the image is known to everyone.

World map wall decoration : How to install it on your wall

Clear the reserved space

To highlight your world map decoration, completely clear the section of the wall you want to adorn. To attract the eye, the best is to choose a side with a solid color. This makes it possible to clearly detach each continent and to specify the lines of your world map.

Clean the surface to be decorated

It is important to make clear space before setting up your new wall decoration. You have to clear out anything that is stain or dust in order to have a clean place. If necessary, don't hesitate to add a layer or two of paint to get it right.

Fixing your world map decoration

The design world map is a wall decoration that can be hung like a normal painting, or almost. Of course, Artwall and Co offers you classic models in one "piece". But there are also designer models which are composed of several elements. In any case, fixing is always facilitated by a modern and solid hanging system.