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Define the right location for your board

First step of your installation: Make sure that the center of the painting is at eye level, between 1m65 and 1m75. In a relatively small space, a large table increases the impression of space.

Several paintings placed in a vertical line create a feeling of height.

Positioning a small painting near a lamp or a piece of furniture contributes to the coherence of the interior decoration.

Hang the painting

Use a water level to check the horizontal suspension of the switchboard. Mark the wall with a pencil in the right places and you're done!

The right place for your board
Different types of fixing for your frame

Wall brackets for your canvas paintings

Concrete points

To hang a light canvas (max. 3 kg) on ​​a brick, concrete or other hard masonry surface, you can use a special galvanized or zinc-plated steel spike. Choose it thin enough, no more than 2mm in diameter, and 25-30mm long. Push it in at an angle from top to bottom to facilitate insertion and ensure that the painting is held in place.

X hook

This type of fixing allows a frame to be securely hung in a wall made of wood, plaster or plasterboard (placo).

With one, two or three blued steel needles, it can support a weight of 5 to 20 kg. Their inclination in the hook is designed to press it against the wall and thus maintain its position. The needles of the double or triple models are inserted simultaneously.

Swedish crochet

This plastic fastener, equipped with steel spikes, is specifically designed for fastening in concrete or cement plaster. You have to give repeated small blows of the hammer to drive them into the hard material. The object to be suspended must not exceed 20 kgs.

Adhesive hook

It is the most convenient way to hang an object without having to drill the tiles.

To ensure bonding, prepare and clean the installation surface. Remove the protective paper and keep the hook in pressure for a few seconds. It is advisable to wait a dozen hours before hanging an object.

Decorating tips

Double-sided adhesive tape is suitable for any type of smooth support provided that the object to be fixed is uniformly flat on the back like a painting here. The length of the bands depends on the weight to be supported, which cannot however be very high. So go around the table with a branded tape known only for walls with a flat, smooth surface.

3M hanging system for decoration

Is the installation of your paintings and photo frames a real headache? Are you afraid of damaging your walls? Artwall and Co offers you the 3M hanging system, which will make you love wall decoration!

Simplified installation: No more screws, no more nails ... Everything is done from a fixing tab which greatly simplifies installation. You just have to clip these clips on your board, and on your wall, without even drilling any holes! Your frame will be straight, correctly positioned and all in a few seconds.

Anti-Marking Solution: If you want to redo your decoration or simply change your decorative canvas, you can remove the clip without leaving any traces on your wall. This Artwall and Co picture hanging system is ideal for keeping a clean wall.

Multi-Surface System: These hangers for decorative paintings can be used on our canvas paintings or on our printed paintings Artwall and Co

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Discover our picture hanging tabs without holes or traces: Tabs

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3M hanging system for frame and wall decoration