Office wall decoration : what are the possibilities ?

The importance of office wall decor

Today, the decor invites itself in all the rooms of the house, and the office is not left behind. On the contrary, putting up a wall decoration in this separate room is a must for those who work at home.

The special feature of office wall decoration

The original aspect of this room, or a corner depending on the possibilities, is that it is quite personal. Of course, it depends on the profession, because if you receive people in this room, you also need to have a more open and welcoming state of mind.

The advantage of having a good office decor

It's all about taste, it seems, but in fact the goal is to impress visitors. A good office decoration can influence the course of a professional interview with collaborators. But even if you work alone at home without visitors, know that your interior design can influence your concentration and your productivity.

Design wall decoration at work

The office decor with oil paintings frames

Design oil painting canvas for office

Decorate elegantly with the oil painting on canvas

A painting decoration is always elegant, especially in an office. The desire to organize places comes from the desire to arrange the places to work better or to receive clients with elegance.

The choice of painting frame

There are many choices available on Artwall and Co when it comes to painting canvas. The best works are made by inspired and contemporary artists. The associations of colors, the inspiration coming from all the borders of the world, as well as a very personalized brushstroke.

Bring color into the work environment

The usefulness of office decor is therefore to bring color to an environment that can sometimes be heavy and impersonal. Machines and paper can clutter up a workplace, so add some color to the workplace, with Artwall and Co oil painting.

Canvas print as office wall decor

The class of printed canvas

Printed frame are well suited for work environments. They give a luxurious and welcoming look. In addition, Artwall and Co offer you warm and unique atmospheres, with supports that enhance photos that may seem classic. Aluminum for example, or plexiglass.

The ideal decoration for offices : the wall art print

The office is often a room that needs a centerpiece in its decoration. There is no TV, fireplace or even bed to capture the visitor's attention. As is the case in other rooms of the house. Then the canvas print can fulfill this concern wonderfully.

Modernity in the office thanks to the wall art canvas print

The presence of the printed canvas in an office makes it possible to find a little more of the outside world in an enclosed space. This is what is often lacking in this kind of room that needs to inspire workers who are often locked in a tight space. The high definition printing on our printed paintings allows a great rendering for the appearance of your interior.

Wall canvas prints for office

Different wall decorations for office

Wall decorations according to your office

Decorative objects

On Artwall and Co, there are not only paintings to decorate. An office can be particularly decked out with different wall decorationthat make its appearance magnificent. The artists who work with us can concoct decorations in metal or wood. Sometimes there are even feathers !

The other wall decorations

Office decor is directly related to its use. To receive associates or clients, to be able to be inspired in his work ... There are essentials, which have a pragmatic use in places. Like the wall clock for example, which shows the passing time while adding a personal touch to the walls.

Office wall decor on Artwall and Co

Of course, there are also purely decorative items on Artwall and Co. The possibilities are endless, as there are so many items to choose from. You can choose the juju hat for its volume contribution. Macrame is also a popular element for bringing personality to workplaces and for modern interior, you can choose a metal wall decoration.

Advice on how to set up your office in a modern and attractive way

A decoration that can change over time

What is important with office decor is that it must be able to evolve at any time. We all know that reorganizing the workspace is important when you want to find new inspiration and stay productive at all times.

Office wall decor : what to choose

What will have to be chosen will therefore be elements that are easy to move or set up. We advise against what is permanent, except in the case where it is really a deliberate choice on the part of the one who is going to work on it. Wallpaper for example, you can hardly change its place so if you choose one, do it carefully so as not to change your mind every week. On the other hand, what is good with paintings, clocks or juju hat is that you can change their place as much as you want. In addition, these objects are very easy to set up on Artwall and Co. Their modern fixing system eliminates the need for nails which could damage the walls.

The rules to follow for a good office decoration

The important thing in an office is to stay consistent with your state of mind. Choose themes that inspire you, especially when choosing paintings or photo frames. Colors should reflect your personality. The only thing to do is not to overcrowd the place like in a living room. Professional interior designers do not find it ideal to work in a crowded space.

How to make your office wall decoration