Bedroom wall decoration with Artwall and Co

Decorating a bedroom is no small task. Fortunately, Artwall and Co is here to clarify the situation.

With all the references, you are spoiled for choice, but it should be done sparingly. Indeed, it is sometimes good to hold back your passions and curb your desires. But it is also allowed to give free rein to your imagination for your bedroom wall decoration.

Decorate your room with Artwall and Co

The first option when decorating an adult bedroom is to absolutely follow whatever comes to mind. There is no rule, except yours. You are at home all the same.

Then there is the "elegance" option, which adopts the basics of contemporary interior design, dictated by the interior designers of our time. It all depends on your inspirations and the style you want to create ...

Decorate your room with Artwall and Co
Bedroom wall decor idea

Bedroom wall decor idea

Artwall and Co lends itself to the game of assortments, a mix and match would say the Americans. As is the case when you combine vintage with Boho style. But you can also achieve a marriage between opposites, when you combine black and white minimalism with pop art from the 50s and 60s.

Discover all our adult bedroom wall decor ideas following this page !

Your wall decoration at Artwall and Co

Your wall decorationcan be in metal, wood, or even aluminum with our photos of contemporary art. Your bedroom is a stage, you can dress it up as you wish, whether or not you follow the rules of interior design. Match the colors or go for an eclectic style, as long as it matches your personality and you like it.

How to optimize your interior decoration with Artwall and Co

Highlight your choices with a well-directed light towards the artwork you commissioned from Artwall and Co. Most of the time, solid colors bring out the wall decorations. Avoid overloading the atmosphere with themes that are too different, in order to give your interior a certain cohesion.

Tableau Peinture Chambre

The themes addressed on the oil paintings for bedroom

The oil paintings framefor the bedroom have various themes. Animals, African art, still life or even abstract, among others. There is something for all tastes and sizes.

Hand-painted originals by artists who have worked hand in hand with Artwall and Co for years. This gives original and unpublished works that dress your room with personality.

Bedroom wall painting themes
Bedroom wall painting choice

Bedroom decoration and oil paintings : asserting your personality

The bedroom painting frame art is ideal for asserting your personality in the room to be decorated. You can let the colors express themselves or keep a semblance of reserve with wiser colors.

Regardless, a decor like this is to assert your personality. You can make a choice based on your ethnic origins, the colors you like or your astrological sign. Thus, Artwall and Co offers themes as varied as they are eclectic.

Bedroom wall decoration collection

The juju hat in bedroom wall decor

African tradition declined in wall decoration, our juju hats for bedroom play on trends to bring an original touch to your interior.

Entirely made by hand, these decorations are created with real feathers for authenticity and expertise highlighted. Of all the colors and with unique mixes, this decoration is really the design object that you must have in your interior.

Feel free to create a bedroom wall mural with several models of different sizes.

Juju hat wall decoration for bedroom
Metal bedroom wall decor

Metal wall decorations

The metal wall decoration gives a more poignant effect to the theme approached. For example on a map of the world, the detachment of the continents seems palpable and real. But there are also very artistic themes, recreating nature in an artificial way and dressing our interior with subtlety.

Each metal bedroom decorationis the result of a specific inspiration from our designers to create a surprising bedroom.

Selection of metal decoration for your room

Wooden wall decorations

Wood is a staple in the modern home. In the past, its structural role in the home made it bulky and too visible. But today, he knows how to be more discreet with a more decorative function than ever.

Wooden bedroom wall decorations at Artwall and Co can take the form of an animal, a world map, or even a dream catcher. Do not hesitate to discover all our collections for a room full of inspiration.

Wood bedroom wall decoration
Wallpaper for bedroom

Wallpaper as a basis for bedroom decoration

It's a classic, yet it's so timeless that you couldn't miss it. But of course, a decorative touch unique to Artwall and Co, here it comes in a modern way.

They are sticky strips that are easy to apply and can bring a new look to your walls. The choices are numerous and the design is essential ... These bedroom wallpapers transport you to different universes to create the bedroom of your dreams!

Decorative clocks for bedroom

The bedroom wall clock is not only a decorative wall ornament with a practical function in everyday life. It is a real design object that fits into your interior design, so its place is strategic, since it needs to be clearly visible.

We can therefore put it in the bedroom as well as in the hallway or living room. A waiting room or a work environment would just as well benefit from an Artwall and Co touch to keep things moving.

Decorative clocks for bedroom

The bedroom decor with printed canvas frame

Printed canvas print as bedroom wall decoration

The aesthetic beauty of the printed canvas

The printed bedroom canvas frame is an element of the interior decoration which combines modernity, solidity and personality. The canvas stand with its wooden frame affirms a contemporary design. Especially with high definition printing of the design or image you have chosen.

Choose a canvas print frame

The zebra, a tropical landscape, a work by Andy Warhol or a childish character. The possibilities are endless at Artwall and Co. What matters is choosing based on who will spend the most time in the room: a child? A teenager ? An adult ? Up to you !

How to hang your canvas print frame

The canvas print print, like the painting and other types of wall art on Artwall and Co, is easy to hang.

It is a modern wall ornament used by designers for the discretion of its fixing system. This is made possible by an ingenious and solid hanging system which eliminates the need for old fixing methods.