Children's room wall decoration is essential for a number of reasons. Whether he's very young or already in school.

The importance of decorating a child's room

We all know that the environment in which a child will evolve will influence his development and his mood. The child's room must therefore be properly decorated to encourage its senses to improve. Color, texture, designs… we can adorn this room with many possibilities on Artwall and Co.

The special feature of a child's room wall decoration

It should always be cheerful, well colored and with a theme suitable for early childhood. Nothing complicated, you just have to find the right objects and the right wall decoration that suit. The atmosphere must be conducive to play and discovery. But you can also opt for a more studious look.

The importance of wall decoration for children

Canvas print as wall decoration for a child's room

Canvas print collection for children's room

Canvas print popular for children's bedroom

Canvas print are also very popular with small children. Of course, it all depends on the theme and the images printed on it. The high definition printing makes it quite pleasing to the eye for children.

A fun and educational decoration : the canvas print

The printed frame arthas strong educational ability for our children. Ideal for teaching them things, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. His imagination does the rest: he asks himself questions and tells himself stories.

Modernity thanks to the printed canvas

The canvas print is indeed an immersion in the modern world. Decoration enthusiasts and interior designers favor refined materials in children's room decor. This gives a chic, but relaxed look, the theme of course relating to childhood and its playful world.

Different wall decorations possible in children's rooms

Decorative objects

It's not just paintings at Artwall and Co, there are also other types of wall decorations that may be suitable for our children's room. Macramé, this tangle of braided and knotted thread, and juju hat give volume to the children's room.

The other wall decorations

And of course, there are also more important wall decorations than others. Like wallpaper for example. Ideal for not having to re-paint, while making a noticeable change in the overall appearance of the room to be decorated.

The multiple possibilities on Artwall and Co

Thanks to the great diversity of nursery decor on Artwall and Co, you have the opportunity to combine styles and personalize the room. Wooden decorations can be harmoniously combined, creating childish and cheerful moods in the playroom or bedroom. You can also find the perfect metallic wall decoration for children with all the jungle animals in one and the same sculpture.

Wall decoration objects for children's rooms
DIY wall decor for children

DIY wall decoration for children

How about making a do it yourself wall decoration? It is now possible to create your own decorative object with Artwall and Co !

Discover our paper trophies for children to make an origami version animal head or even paintings to paint yourself for a touch of authenticity ...

Design the children's room in a modern and attractive way

A decoration that can change over time

Eh yes ! Our children are growing up. The bedroom decor must also evolve accordingly. For example, when he comes back to school, you can start putting a clock on him. For his curiosity, we put paper decorations ... Make little by little changes as his intelligence develops. A world map, a city photo ...

Children's room wall decor : the elements to choose from

The choice of elements is crucial for this piece dedicated to the comfort of our offspring. For early childhood, it is necessary to opt for elements in height, with a solid fixing. This is essential to have an object that is not at risk of falling. Wallpaper is great as kids get dirty on the walls and it's easy to replace over time.

Child wall decoration installation