The lobby : a place to decorate ?

The importance of the entrance hall decoration

Your territory, your accommodation, begins in the entrance hall. It's the first place your visitors see. So it's not in your living room or your bedroom that you are going to make a first impression with your wall decoration, it is right after the front door.

The particularity of the entrance hall wall decoration

It’s a brief stopping place. It should therefore take effect without needing to be observed for long. For the past ten years or so, interior designers have made sure to decorate the entrance hall with personality, to mark the occasion as soon as you enter the apartment or the house.

The advantage of having a good entrance hall decoration

As soon as you arrive or when you leave, this is the place you see. It is therefore both a welcome decoration and a scene that will be the last in the imagination of your visitors. So you have to choose what allows to imbue the place with a theme that introduces or concludes what you have in the living room or the other rooms of your home.

Wall decoration for entrance hall

The entrance hall wall decoration with oil paintings

Modern hall entrance with oil painting canvas

The oil painting and its contribution to elegance

The entrance hall painting artis a way to introduce color at first glance. You have to be able to capture the attention of observers within seconds. Our painters have worked with us for years. Their inspiration comes from the modern world and what surrounds them. This gives familiar and very decorative scenes that dress our interior with a warm side.

The choice of painting for the entrance hall

Want to show your love for nature ? Your admiration for wild beasts ? Or do you prefer to tickle the imagination of your guests with the abstract ? The painting frame is perfect for setting the tone and asserting artistic affinities as soon as you enter your home.

Bring the unusual to your entrance hall

On Artwall and Co, there are unpublished paintings that allow you to personalize and surprise your visitors. The gaze of a lion, African symbols, lush nature ... each painted scene can provide a special atmosphere of its own.

Canvas prints as an entrance hall decoration

Wall art canvas and their modernity

The printed frame trend has arrived in the lobby. Indeed, at the beginning, we saw it rather in the bedrooms, the living room or the kitchen. But its modernity has led it to come forward to greet guests as soon as they pass the main door.

A perfect decoration for entrance halls : the canvas print

A well-printed photo or a greeting is simple, but it has a very poignant impact on the image you have of the apartment or the house. With its sleek design, the printed board gives an elegant look to your entrance hall.

The entrance hall : the ideal place for the canvas print

This is a way of announcing that there is still so much to discover. The first steps you take in the house influence how you discover it. Walls are therefore a very precious surface that must be arranged with care. An ideal place where you can hang the printed painting.

Design canvas print for hall entrance

Different wall decorations for entrance hall

Wall decoration for entrance hall

Decorative objects

As soon as you enter the modern apartments, colorful decorations appear in the entrance hall. Juju hat or macrame, there are always flashy objects that surprise us. It can also be an African scene reproduced in sculpture or an exotic wood decoration.

Do not hesitate to discover our design metal deco for entrance hall to bring a modern touch to this room.

The other wall decorations

When it comes to decorating the walls, wallpaper always comes into play. All its colors can create a welcoming ambience in your entrance hall. This has the advantage of being a very easy to change dressing solution. Without doing major work, you have the opportunity to mark the occasion in your decoration.

Advice on customizing your entrance hall

In this part of the apartment or house, you couldn't dream of a better place to mark your personality, to make a difference with others. For a modern and contemporary look, city photos, printed in high definition on a plexiglass or aluminum support, are very popular.

For lovers of art and culture, this could be a picture of a famous artist or a oil painting. Travelers will choose a few things more exotic. Your bedroom or kitchen may never be seen by your guests. So pick the items that will impress upon entry.

There is no real rule to follow. There are thousands of items on Artwall and Co to serve as your hallway decor.

Entrance hall wall decoration tips and ideas