Living room wall decoration with Artwall and Co

Living room decoration is crucial in an apartment or a house. This is where guests are received into your home. You have the furniture, the trendy objects ... But if you don't have a wall decoration that suits your personality and your interior layout, this is not really a real living room.

Artwall and Co offers you here living room wall decor ideas to renew your interior in your image!

Living room wall decoration tips

How to decorate or revamp your living room with modernity ?

The criteria for a well decorated living room

The third millennium apartment is cozy, functional, and aesthetic. The warm side is accentuated by the thoughtful mess of Scandinavian. Vintage brings a touch of nostalgia, while industrial style and modern decorations mark a sense of belonging to the contemporary world.

Mix and match or total look, a well-made interior living room wall decoration is above all pleasant to live in for those who live there.

Living room wall decoration tips
Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living room wall decoration idea

Modernity is not just a choice of furniture with clean lines. It's also a color scheme that helps add personality to your home atmosphere.

Decoration is more than a motley accumulation of objects that relate to a style. Artwall and Co guides you to find the right balance in this universe.

No need for major work to revamp an apartment !

The living room makeover doesn't have to do a lot of work. Be aware that a simple wall clock can have a big impact on a section of wall.

On Artwall and Co, the possibilities are numerous and the living room wall decoration ideas too! Items that change the mood in your apartment without breaking the bank. Discover immediately these collections that can change your atmosphere ...

Paintings to dress the walls of the living room

The advantages of a wall painting in your living room

The living room oil painting on canvas is like a screen that catches the eye. It therefore makes it possible to add a centerpiece to your interior decoration.

A leading role that is brilliantly performed, especially when you have a unique and personalized work made by a contemporary artist.

Living room oil painting canvas
Living room oil painting installation

How to hang a oil wall painting in your living room

On Artwall and Co, the oil paintings are made by contemporary artists who have worked with us for years.

We take care of the structure and the support that make it an easy to hang wall decoration.

The canvas has a modern fixing system that allows it to hang easily, without making a hole in the wall.

Selection of canvas painting living room

Discover our selection of paintings on canvas with our different categories such as our collectors or modern paintings in the living room.

Canvas prints as wall ornaments in the living room

The most to choose a canvas print

The canvas print is very trendy as a decoration for living room. It is easy to maintain, thanks to its modern support. Indeed, this type of article is a high definition print on cotton canvas and stretched over a wooden frame. This gives a living room decor that you can clean or even wash without risk of damage.

The themes of canvas prints on Artwall and Co

The canvas prints on Artwall and Co are for all tastes and ages. Paintings printed with animals, exotic or vintage, pop art or industrial. The list of themes is long. Whether you like the Nordic decor or the natural look, you have what you need on the site.

Decorative canvas for living room
Design canvas prints for living room

The ideal design canvas print as decoration for living room

Triptych or single panel, the printed canvas is perfect as a living room decoration. The trick is to direct good light on it, artificial or natural, to enhance the high definition image.

If you have a large wall, choose multiple panels, but go for smaller dimensions if you have a smaller room.

On Artwall and Co, you can find different design canvas themes for your living room :

  • Living room landscape canvas print
  • Living room city canvas print
  • Living room abstract canvas print
  • Pop art canvas print
  • Black and white canvas print

Wall decoration for living room

Living room wallpaper : the decoration that saves you having to redo the wall

Modern wallpaper is not the same as our parents' wallpaper. It's not just a question of style, but there is also the pose and the quality.

Artwall and Co lets you choose from dozens of designs. They are easy to apply adhesive strips that can correct the aesthetics of a section of wall. Living room wallpaper can be used sparingly, it doesn't need to cover the entire room.

Wall paper for living room wall decoration
Wood wall decoration for living room

The wooden decoration : a warm side for the living room

Wood is always warm, welcoming, and above all aesthetic. It is an ideal material as decoration for living room.

The wooden wall decorations by Artwall and Co are made in France. The wood comes from responsible exploitation, in certified European forests.

Metal decoration for living room

Surprise your guests with a beautiful decoration in the living room !

Metal wall decoration is more and more in vogue as a living room decoration. It is a raw material with a strong personality. In addition, the metal never gets old, it is strong and easy to maintain.

Do not hesitate to discover our different categories of metal deco for living room with design, natural, abstract touches or even our maps of the world !

Metal wall decoration for living room
Wall clock for living room

The wall clock : the ultimate living room decor

The wall clock always adds a special touch to your interior design.

Its look can perfectly be in opposition with the rest of your wall decoration. For example, in a total Scandinavian look, you can choose an industrial style wall clock for an unusual wink.

Our living room wall clocks play on inspirations to bring style to your interior. Do not hesitate to discover our formats in wood, metal, plastic or glass!