Small or spacious, toilets deserve to be decorated, even if you rarely go through them in a day. The atmosphere contributes to bring zen and well-being, so do not neglect the toilets.

Once you have given the room a coat of paint to add a touch of vitamin, you can energize your walls with our wall decorations. Our artists use their imaginations to be able to satisfy you in terms of choice. The goal of the team: to allow you to properly decorate the walls of your toilets.

Tips for decorating your toilet

Generally, we are in small spaces and rooms. It is therefore a question here of setting up an attractive wall decoration, overloading the rest of the room too much. Generally, you can already give effect to your toilet walls by creating an original painting. The wall decoration will be the original touch that will complete your style ! Decorative paintings, metal or wooden decorations, discover our collections specially designed for your toilets.

Wall decoration tips for toilet
Design canvas print for toilet decoration

Oil paintings and canvas print for the toilet

The oil paintings are not only meant to beautify the living room or the dining room, they can also dress the walls of your bathroom. If you have a small space, our small size boards will meet your requirement.

Whether in painting or in print, our large collection will help you personalize this piece. Easy installation and maintenance, our artists deliver various themes (nature, animals, city…) as well as various styles (industrial, contemporary, vintage…). Because it is meant to stay in a humid place, our canvases can be treated to be waterproof. Our technicians make it a point of honor to deliver only high quality fabrics to beautify the walls of your toilets for as long as possible. Whether it is the inks, the canvas, the frame or the printer, our choices are based on the quality and the final rendering of each painting.

Metal decorations, a perfect idea for your toilet

Metal wall decorations for toilets are easily imposed in a room, especially a small one like the toilet. Our artists shape works in metal that are only intended to sublimate its four walls. In choice, you will be spoiled. From the heads of animals (horse, lion, bear, etc.) to decorative letters, including mirrors framed by metal lace, inspirations that have become material adorn your toilet with sumptuousness.

Metal decoration for the toilet decoration
Wallpaper for toilet decoration

Wallpapers in toilet wall decoration

An essential way to instantly immerse your toilet in a whole new atmosphere. Imagine a panoramic view of nature with patterns of trees, plants or even animals. Do you prefer the material ? So, visit the panoply of brick, marble or bamboo wallpapers. If you want to stay in a more discreet atmosphere, choose our fresco patterns in solid colors or pastel tones. Play with countless shades of color that our artists can provide you with. Any style is allowed when it comes to decorating your washroom with wallpaper so let your inspiration speak.

Art photos on aluminum for WC decoration

A trend that defies time is fine art photos printed on aluminum. The entire shaping process is studied so that your fine art photos on aluminum will decorate your bathroom walls for years to come. A hard but light material, each printed photo stands out with incomparable clarity and color precision. Your room is adorned with elegance and modernity at the same time, if you choose to use it for your walls. Zigzag between our gallery-worthy collection of photos. Once you have made your choice, the printing will be made to measure: ranging from mini format to XXL but also in round, square and rectangle shapes.

Aluminum art photo for toilet decoration
Collection of wall decorations for your toilets

Other wall decorations for your toilets

There are plenty of ideas when it comes to decorating a wall. Our artists are overflowing with it and offer you original creations, signed by their hands.

Wooden wall decoration

Just one of our collection of wall decoration made of wood will change the design of your toilet. Thus, our artists transpose wood into origami, animal head trophy, clock or even map of the world. Meticulous work that will allow you to admire these works in detail, once placed in your toilet.

The juju hat

Your toilets are dressed in the colors of Africa with the juju hat. From the top of its feathers, this headdress can, by itself, sublimate the whole room. The juju hat brings liveliness and originality. Hanging juju hat will add volume to your walls. They can be layered by varying sizes, colors and number. Our range, as varied as it is, allows you to expand into ethnic inspiration. Shop around and pick the juju hat that matches the vibe you're looking for.

Toilets are also inevitable places of passage. It goes without saying that we take a little care. We have offered you original wall decorations which will be discreet but which, in their own way, personalize this living space. The look of your bathroom is up to you.

Review and without moderation our models in wall ornament. We take care of delivering your order as quickly as possible with packaging that guarantees optimal protection.