Blue represents the aquatic world, even more in the wall decoration, we will tint the ocean, the sea, the sky. It will become fresh in its light tones and cool in its darker tones. We will notice a starry night against a midnight blue background, or a snowy night lit by the blue rays of the moon.

This is most people's favorite color, so our team has taken it to enhance our wall decorations in any size, size and style, just for you.

Blue oil painting on canvas for a modern interior

Blue is widely used in nature because it represents the sky as well as the sea or the ocean. It is also the color of travel. Our painters use it at will in their blue paintings. They lay down its finesse, draw up its texture and illustrate its colors.

To travel endlessly from your living room, brighten up your wall with one of our marine paintings. Where the sea meets the endless blue sky. These are works of our artists whose talent is reflected by their brushstrokes. Made from cotton canvas and framed in a sturdy Canadian wood frame, our paintings are the epitome of decor. They will go through the years without fear of the long journeys that await them.

Blue wall oil painting
Blue wall canvas print

Blue wall canvas prints

For a modern and stylish decoration, we offer our canvas prints in bluish colors. They display the most breathtaking landscapes for a more than real effect. The canvas frame are available in contemporary, rustic or even urban landscapes. Blue is used in all its variations, starting from sky blue to turquoise blue and passing through petrol blue. It is more than complimented by the HD quality of our prints.

The depth of blue comes out wonderfully on canvases in different formats. Triptych formats have become very fashionable lately, with such a canvas print your living room or office will be nothing but elegant. You can also discover multiple blue frame if you have a large white wall.

Our blue wall decorations

Creative and innovative, our team naturally uses its talent to furnish your interior with blue wall decorations. To give you greater satisfaction, a wide range of wall decorations is available to you.

Thus, you will have juju hats, those tribal ceremonial hats that are all the rage at the moment. If you are looking for something new, this is ideal. The blue juju hats easily find their place in any type of decoration. They are available in countless designs and tinted in different shades of blue for endless possibilities.

Wood is not left out, it keeps a very important place in our decorations. The wood wall decoration is an essential material for seaside-style decorations. Our raw wood creations will delight supporters of this type of style. You will have access to wall clocks worthy of flea markets.

Our blue metal decorations

Blue readily integrates our metal decorations. For a rustic decoration, opt for our animal heads carved in metal. They proudly adjust their frame by wrapping themselves in the most bucolic of blues. Dress your wall with an assortment of frames for a contemporary effect guaranteed. Motivate your days with encouraging quotes. They are forged in metal for a highly sought-after design that offers more words than decorations. Our collection is full of trendy decorations, like this blue metal world map.

Browse our gallery without moderation to get an idea and why not, adopt it at home.

Blue wall decoration for interior
Blue art photo on aluminium

A high-end touch with our blue art photos

If you dream of limited edition artist photos on a high quality medium like aluminum, our blue art photo collection will be the piece for you! For purists, as for lovers of designer frames, our aluminum art frame are real invitations to escape from your living room, bedroom or office.

The difference ? Each shot is unique and can be found nowhere else ... In addition, the aluminum support gives it exceptional quality.

How to integrate blue in the different rooms of your house ?

It is an easy-going color, therefore, easy to integrate into your interior. You just have to play well with its variations. Blue is a friend of the night, which is why it is welcome in your bedroom. To benefit from its soothing advantage, use shades of blue. For a restless sleep for babies and young children, dress their room in its pastel tone. Blue in the living room remains trendy. This is the room that best accommodates this color. We will avoid associating the different shades in this room, we will opt for a warmer color such as yellow to reduce the coldness of the blue. The bathroom is the room where blue is in control. A symbol of freshness and purity, he has no equal among his cronies to bring this kind of piece to life.

What color to pair it with : our advice

Being a cool color, it has an ability to make rooms bigger. Also, it is ideal for small spaces. It is a color that also refreshes, adopt it to give a little freshness to rooms that are too sunny. Colors combine perfectly with blue, including orange for strong contrasts. The classic duo of white and blue never ceases to be appreciated. It’s a safe bet when it comes to decoration. For a very natural result, pair it with white, beige and ecru.

Tips for a blue wall decoration