The return to nature is done more and more lately, by what means to achieve it than by green wall decorations ? The color green is inviting more than ever in interiors !

Refresh your decoration with our wall decorations, our paintings, our wallpapers, our design accessories to hang on the walls. It takes everything to make a decoration and we open our gallery to help you perfect yours.

Green oil paintings

Green represents nature, serenity, calm. To refresh a room, this is the color to adopt. It is even more in demand and preferred this season, and rightly so, the “green attitude” is a big part of the world of decoration.

Fancy a deep breath of fresh air ? Choose our collection of art paintings. Our artists were inspired by this color to shape paintings in the colors of nature. You will have the whole year to admire the very beauty of the trees that stand tall in your room. Green, magnified by the meticulous hands of our artists, instantly projects you into a plant world.

Green oil painting on canvas
Green canvas print

Green canvas print for decoration

Printed with unparalleled print quality, our printed frame bring out colors in the best possible way. Shades of green go well with our designer decorative paintings. We find this atmosphere of serenity regardless of the shade it is adorned with, from the lightest to the darkest.

Also, your desires for greenery will be fulfilled with our wall art more real than life. They are perfect for creating a warm and bucolic climate in your interior. These frame hanging in your home will be a source of inspiration and calming. Our inks themselves respect this environment, we only use environmentally friendly inks, which are not harmful to humans.

Our green tinted wall decorations

Our wall decorations are available in all materials, wood more than any other. Wood and green are likely to come together. With this duo, you will create a raw ensemble, to be used without moderation. Welcome your guests with our green wood wall inspirations.

Do you have a preference for a particular accent ? We have a whole range of wood decoration for a green interior, you just have to choose the ones that speak to you the most. The color palette that represents green can be used as a nice assortment in one room. Also, we suggest you cover your walls with our floral wallpapers, there is something for everyone: vintage, exotic ... Some even feature 3D patterns for a relief effect.

For a more ethnic and boho style, our green juju hat will be the perfect piece to give volume to your interior.

More modern and contemporary, our metallic decorations also make it possible to highlight a green interior. With animal trophies, original designs, quotes for the most dreamy or even natural metal decorations, this collection will inevitably give you ideas for your room!

Green wall decoration for interior
Aluminum art photo in green

A collection of nature art photography in green

For the most demanding of you, Artwall and Co offers a collection of artist photos on aluminum in green tones. Whether you want an art photo of nature, forest or even more zen ... Our different artists highlight original angles that you can find in limited editions for your interior.

How to integrate green into the different rooms of your house ?

Green is one of those colors that goes easily with others, without overshadowing them. Each mood is differentiated by the shade of green you will use. So, for more freshness, adopt emerald green in your bathroom or your bedroom. To make a room bigger, pale green is what you need. It is known to bring great luminosity. As for shades of dark green, such as fir green or bottle green, they are suitable for the baroque and vintage style. Antique furniture will be highlighted with this kind of more formal and calmer hue.

How much to adopt green : our advice

It is the color of hope. Green brings luck. He is energetic and calm. It refers to appeasement and freshness. What great promises for such a beautiful color. It is linked to nature and the outdoors, a color cannot be so charming. Also, we will dress our walls with it for a touch of originality and a gain of positive energy. It will instantly invigorate your decor. Spicy colors such as pastel green, apple green or anise green are to be used in moderation, in small touches. Decorate some walls with small accessories. While forest green or emerald green will gladly cover a whole area in a richer spirit. Do not hesitate to discover the profession of decorator with our partners.

Green wall decoration tips