If we speak of emotion, gray as a hue evokes sadness, loneliness, gloom and even depression. If we're talking about color, well, grey doesn't even qualify as a color. Placed between black and white, this shade is therefore neutral.

But in the world of wall decoration, gray has found its place and can even become a major asset. It is very popular with designers. In this article, we will look more at wall decorations that enhance gray.

Oil paintings of grey color

Paintings in which gray is in the spotlight are in vogue. Our painters leave their imprints by playing with all shades of gray to bring paintings to life. A work of art that emphasizes the color gray, even if it is a neutral and classic color, can trigger an ascent of emotions.

So a gloomy scene featuring a couple can later turn into a romantic scene with just a touch of red in the midst of grayish weather. Placed in a living room, our gray paint paintings bring a refined touch to your decoration, especially if you associate it with other colors.

Grey wall art oil painting on canvas
Grey canvas print for interior

Grey canvas print

Canvas is one of the wall decorations which provides a wide customization and opens up a lot of possibilities. You can choose between the proposed dimensions as well as the format according to your space. The themes in the category of grey canvas print are varied. Between pop art, the game of graphics, the enhancement of nature, dare to use gray canvas with a high definition print that brings elegance to your interior.

Our wall decorations are dressed in gray

Our gray-dominated wallpaper selections are perfect for a calming atmosphere. If the furniture in the room clashes in platinum white or cream, you will get a Gustavian-style decoration. As gray takes on this natural character, our artists were inspired by it to come up with wallpapers in gray bricks, pebble frescoes, driftwood or even concrete.

Architecture is also at the center of this category, for the cladding of an office or a hotel, for example. Depending on the shade, the given effect will be different. Thus, opting for the light tone of gray will immerse your interior in a calm atmosphere. By daring dark tones, you will get a more industrial but sophisticated side.

In our collection of gray juju hat, whatever their sizes and numbers, on a background of bright colors, they provide a chic and original decor. The African ethnic style of the juju hat will add even more volume to your wall if you create an overlap of shades. If you prefer to go more towards the two-tone juju hat, a gray-white or a gray-blue, know that our collection also offers them.

Grey metal wall decorations

Our selections of metal wall decorations for gray interiors want to reveal the raw side of the metal while sporting a contemporary design. Decorative phrases, perfect for a children's room, glow and sparkle with subdued light. The head of a lion, the 3D figures or the gray metal frescoes, in fact all will stand out on any wall. Also take a look at our catalog of metal mirrors and clocks, shaped by the hands of our artists, where the main color is gray. They will know how to bring the minimum originality that your interior needs.

Grey wall decoration collection
Our gray wall decoration tips

Grey in the different rooms of the house

Wall ornaments in gray tone are suitable for any room in the house. Rooms bathed in light are the ones that stand out the most for wall decorations done in gray. Otherwise, your room will appear dull and dark. The decorations in gray enhance the walls of the kitchen with aluminum fittings. For a welcoming and calming room, pair this shade with other neutral colors.

Our advice for successful decorations under the gray tint

To avoid falling into the monotonous tone of gray, approach it with colors that don't absorb light. Gray is a cool color that can be easily softened with touches of color like green, yellow, orange or even pink. Its neutral character refers to versatility so do not hesitate to make combinations. For example, black and gray work together for a masculine atmosphere. Modernity comes more with orange and red accompanied by gray. In a pink-clad piece, the wedding with gray brings out even more the sought-after feminine side.