Orange, an original color for your wall decoration

We can say what we want with the color orange, we love it and we even use it to tint our decorations. If you, too, have orange as your favorite color, travel through our gallery to satisfy your desires.

Our wall decorations are the best on the market. But be careful, orange is to be used moderately, gracefully and with care. Follow us for more details.

Our wall art paintings with orange

The choice of our orange oil painting

If you are looking for a warm color for your interior, orange is perfect. It is this intensity that our artists try to capture and convey through their paintings. Our wall oil paintings are unique in terms of their quality and the creativity that emanate from them. With the star color orange, they are more invigorating than ever.

Small, medium or large, install an orange tinted painting on your wall to catch the eye. If you want to go more smoothly, opt for the frame declined by its variants such as fishing or salmon.

We of course recommend that you pair the paintings with furniture or accessories in light tones such as white, but they also pair divinely well with green and blue.

Orange painting on canvas
Orange canvas prints

Canvas printsĀ in orange color

Choice of your orange decorative frame

Emphasize orange to light up a room. We offer you our canvas print frame for this. Nothing but beautiful materials to accommodate a beautiful color. Our printed wall artare mounted in a pine wood frame. Over the frame is stretched a canvas printed with shades of orange.

Our high definition print respects the exoticism and boldness of this shade. Concerned about aesthetics, we do not skimp on the inks used. The quality of the pigmentation is such that the dynamism and radiance of the orange printed decorative paintings are only increased. Your walls will be just as embellished and invigorated.

Our orange wall decorations

A decoration made of orange is daring and risky, you quickly tire of this color. But yet it is a color that goes very well with all the others. We can sprinkle it here and there for a perfect harmony.

You can brighten up a dark room with one of our autumn-colored floral wallpapers. The room regains energy instantly. However, it is preferable that the wallpaper is only used on a limited number of sections. You risk excess.

Our gallery is full of a diversity of orange juju hat, those little tribal hats that are now used as decoration and which fans are fond of. Choose a color the same shade as your wall. The juju hat will not be too much, on the contrary, it will bring a new atmosphere to your interior.

You can also find DIY orange paper wall decorations to have a design and modern touch in your interior.

Collection of orange wall decoration for interior
Metallic decoration for an orange interior

When our metallic wall decorations are embedded in an orange interior

A whole range of metal decorations awaits you in our collection. To complete the decoration of an orange room, investing in a metal wall decoration is a safe bet. More so if you add it on an orange touch.

For your office, go for this map of the world, it is more than beautiful with meticulous ironwork and a well-chosen orange. Creativity will go very well.

To spice up your room, adopt the chic design of one of our metal clocks framed in an orange color to bring a touch of vitality.

A touch of quality orange with our art photos

Art photos are works of urban and contemporary artists who have captured the moment of a landscape or a situation. Orange-colored fine art photos allow you to have a high-quality aluminum picture where colors and details are omnipresent. Ideal for a living room or office, these fine art photos are available in multiple sizes.

Orange art photo for decoration
How to integrate an orange wall decoration

How to integrate orange into the different rooms of your house ?

Get the right intensity of orange in any room you plan to decorate. It's a pretty vitamin-packed color, so you need to take care of it carefully. Orange is a symbol of dynamism and energy, this color has the merit of being highlighted in living rooms.

Your living room needs to be adorned with it, it is the place for lively conversations. The more daring will line all its walls, while the more shy will only use a few touches, especially accessories.

The vitality of orange will make you want to wake up every morning if it is pictured in your bedroom. Orange is an energy booster, which is what you will need to start your day on the right foot. It is also known to stimulate the senses. We will gladly invite him into our kitchen to whet the appetite, but also to make you want to prepare small dishes. Everything in a good mood.

Our advice for an orange wall decoration

What colors to associate with orange ? Our advice If you are worried that the flamboyant orange will burst your room too much, know that most colors go perfectly with it, giving a different perception of the place. To soften its intensity, combine it with cream, a neutral color.

Being a warm shade, you risk nothing by associating it with its cronies such as red or yellow. While with brown it will be perfect for a vintage interior reminiscent of the 70s.

Tips for an orange wall decoration