Red, the color of love and passion, warm but aggressive. We note contradictory tones in its nuances. But what is a decorative world without these little color paradoxes that make it so charming ?

Everything is good when you know how to use it the right way, only use half of it. Discover in our gallery wall decoration accessories that highlight red, present enough to be perceived and expressly hidden for more intrigue.

Red oil paintings canvas

Like any color, red has a large set of colors in its family. To soften the aggressive tone that this color gives off, our artists rely on shades of red. Our paintings are all hand painted. In each of them shines through the passion that drives our artists in their deepest inspirations.

What color more passionate than red to translate all this language ? In some, red knows how to be discreet, while covering itself with its most beautiful fleece to mark the spirits. These red canvas paintings are perfect for those who prefer to take it easy. While for those who dare the total look, paintings tinted in fiery red are also available. It's up to you to play with the colors to highlight them.

Red oil painting canvas
Red canvas print

Our canvases printed in red color

In our collection there is also a wide range of canvas print, all unique and original. Treat yourself to one or more of our frame to give your interior a little color.

Our red printed canvas are excellent for reviving your rooms. They are larger than life. They come in different sizes and in different formats. There is something for every taste. For example, we offer you one of our wall art featuring the red London bus in the foreground. The red that dresses it intensifies wonderfully thanks to the black and white background in which it is lost. It is perfect for a chic and modern decor. You will hang it on a gray or white wall and voila !

Wall decorations for red interior

For a totally modern wall decoration, metal is always an effect in red interiors. If you have a wall of this color, the simple black of our metallic decorations will make its effect and highlight your entire interior.

If you want a more original and trendy decor, opt for decorations made of wood. The combination of red and brown has always been very elegant. Wood being a noble material, you will have no trouble finding the right place to give it in your decoration.

For a vintage decor, what could be more expressive than a clock combining the natural brown of wood with the color red ? The red integrates the wood and refers to a rust effect, typical of vintage decorations.

For an ethnic decor, bet on a red juju hat. It goes perfectly with ethnic decorations not only by its color but also by its symbolism. If you are more of the Baroque style, brighten up your walls with our wallpapers, one in particular is covered with artistic jewels of the time.

Red color design wall decoration
Trendy art photo in red

Red art photos on aluminum

If you want to create a high-end wall decoration, with unique colors, our aluminum wall artare the red design object you need. These artist photos allow you to have original shots with a touch of red to create a colorful style on your walls.

How to integrate red in the different rooms of your house ?

The aggressiveness of red is not suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead, book it in living rooms such as the kitchen, living room or hallways. The best way to integrate red into a room is to combine it with other colors. Remember, this is a flashy color, if you don't measure it down it may take over and cast a shadow. For this reason, if you have for example colored your refrigerator with red, do not use that color in the kitchen anymore. Adopt it in your living room to energize the room, in small touches. If you choose red wallpaper, only cover one section of your wall with it.

How to highlight red in your interior ?

Our advice Brown has always been able to highlight red. For this, apply the natural color of the bricks. Your red decoration will only be more beautiful. The black / red or white / red duos still hold a place in interiors which rely on a sure value, although current times suggest that few still adhere to them.

Tips for red wall decor