What does purple give to your wall decoration ? Well, you have to try to see it. There is a wide palette of purples in the world of dyeing, we go from light colors to dark, from lavender to mauve.

It looks like a daring choice, but yet, associated with the right color, purple tends to give a warm and warm atmosphere in rooms where it is essential. Whether in paintings, wallpapers or wall decoration made of wood, we show you in this article how to introduce purple into your interior.

Violet in wall paintings

An art painting is the focal point of a room, the one that captivates the most as soon as you step through a door. Also, it is best to carefully choose the patterns and colors that will adorn yours. Our purple paintings have always been a must for paintings. Nothing beats a painting signed by the hand of our painters. A painting that reflects the state of mind of the one who let his ink flow there.

The purple in these oil paintings refers to pure aesthetics. With floral or animal motifs, purple will be highlighted if you adorn your furniture in a shimmering color like yellow. For more sobriety, the walls awakened in gray will go wonderfully with the candor of a mauve or plum painting.

Violet oil painting on canvas
Canvas print with purple color

Purple and canvas prints

Canvas prints remain in vogue for their practicality. These are very tendentious tables. They are perfect for a contemporary decoration. A frame colored in purple will modernize a room in summer colors. If your sheets and cushions are velvet, the purple of a printed art will warm the atmosphere.

Our collection has a wide choice of wall art frame in which purple is in the spotlight. You will be amazed by the delicacy of this color passed on a printed canvas. With the print quality of our wall art, purple shows off all its brilliance, depriving it of its qualification as a cold color.

Purple tints our wall decorations

Once we embark on the colorful adventure of purple, we never end. This color, which is playing its part in the world of decoration, has also carved out a big place in our gallery. Less enthusiastic about offering you a decoration all in purple, we suggest you scatter it in small touches in your interior.

Purple goes well with the natural brown of the wood that our craftsmen have molded into the heads of geometric animals. No matter what color the room you hang it in, it would be more cheerful.

Have fun with purple by displaying it proudly on your wall through the purple juju hat. Vary the juju hat in different sizes and different colors, going from the lighter purple to the darker. Your guests will be amazed.

Our collection of metallic wall decoration also allows you to sublimate a purple wall. The design and finish of each of these decorations allows you to combine a modern black touch with all the qualities of the color purple.

Design wall decoration with violet color
Violet color for art photo on aluminium

Our purple art photos

Our artist collection allows you to have real collector's items on a design aluminum frame. Each of these art photos introduces you to the world of our modern and contemporary style photographers. Purple is no exception to the rule in this collection and is also added to these aluminum paintings to create a sensation in your interior.

Purple invites itself into the different rooms of your house

The variations of purple can play their charm in the rooms of your house. Purple is known to make a room bigger, so if you find your bedroom needs it, don’t hesitate, line the walls with our purple wallpapers. Less scarlet than red and less dark than black, your room dressed in white will gratefully receive this new hue. The winning combo ? Black and purple. With black for furniture and purple for wall decoration, your living room will only be more chic.

Our advice for successful decorations with purple

Purple is a subject of debate in the decorative world, if you don't know how to use it wisely, it can tarnish a room. Also, we do not recommend a decoration made of 100% purple. For a successful decoration, a few small touches are enough, the biggest would be to stain your walls. But once paired with the right color, purple is versatile. In fact, a lot of colors go very well with it : black, yellow, white, pink and red. It's up to you !

Purple wall decoration tips