Exotic decor is a hot trend among modern interior designers and architects. Often, we match this kind of ornament with plants that come from distant lands.

This gives personality and a unique side to the interior design. The theme often shows greenery, nature, animals ...

Discover the different wall decoration collections in our shop to create this unique style with sunny touches.

The exotic style wall decoration on Artwall and Co

The new trend in interior design: the exotic theme

The tropical has become cool. We like the natural and we decorate the house or apartment with this theme. Tired of concrete and excessively artificial, contemporary decorators have turned to the charm of the real world. Take inspiration from its shapes and colors to decorate a room, it's chic, it's cozy and it's simple.

The advantages of exotic decor in your apartment

The exotic is naturally beautiful. We are often seduced by the colors, if this is not the case it is by the shapes. Nature always gives this impression of perfect balance, in proportions or contrasts, in presentation and in dimensions. It is a real asset for decorating your interior.

The exotic theme in your wall decoration

Exotic wall paintings for interior

Wall painting in exotic style

The themes addressed for the paintings

When we talk about exotic painting, we obviously think of vegetation. Our painters draw inspiration from their immediate surroundings to design restful works. An island bathed in blue and greenery, flowers in warm hues ... it's like traveling to another world with the themes.

Assert your personality with the exotic painting

The exotic hand painted picture is the affirmation of a love for nature and travel. It is as if you want to bring a part of the dream into your interior. If you want to take your guests or visitors to another dimension, this is what to choose to put on the walls.

Exotic wall canvas prints

Exotic printed canvas : a very aesthetic decoration

Nature is never wrong, especially in exotic decorative canvas frame. This is why a carnivorous plant or a wild and ferocious animal is able to subjugate us with its colors and seduce us with its shapes. The power of the tiger or the majestic position of the Lion gives an incomparable aesthetic rendering.

Which theme to choose for your exotic printed canvas

The jungle, the colorful birds, the unusually shaped flowers and leaves… There are many versions of the exotic on Artwall and Co. Which one to choose ? What inspires us, what we know or which reminds us of a story. Interior design is a personal story. There is always an inside click that tells you the correct picture.

Our canvas print of exotic landscapes are a good source of inspiration to escape from your home while keeping an eye on your budget.

Exotic style on canvas

The types of exotic wall decoration on Artwall and Co

It is not just paintings and prints that can be used as wall decoration. Our site specializing in interior decoration offers you a multitude of choices.

The exotic themed wallpaper

The exotic themed wallpaper

The exotic wallpaper is ideal for bringing color and dressing the place with a natural look. Artwall and Co offers several types that you can choose according to your affinities.

Exotic art photos

Exotic art photos

Exotic art photography is possible with Artwall and Co. Order your work with a theme that makes you love nature and travel to the end of the world and printed on a quality aluminum support.

Exotic wooden wall decorations

Exotic wooden wall decorations

The wooden decoration is the exotic material par excellence. In this world bathed in concrete, to have wood in your interior is to be part of the resistance, of those who love nature and its seductive look.

Metal wall decoration in exotic style

Exotic metal wall decorations

Modern art manages to mix exoticism with metal. The material is inspired by forms, transformed by the artist into a decorative object that seduces with its appearance.

Exotic decoration in different rooms of the house

The exotic theme in the kitchen or living room

The exotic decoration is ideal for a kitchen or living room. We will choose a clock or a metal decoration. Wood is also prized for its warmth, which is an asset for this type of room.

The exotic theme in the workplace

The exotic is inspiring, which makes it a perfect wall decoration for the workplace. In offices, a meeting room or a waiting room, an exotic painting is perfect for a calm and serene professional atmosphere.

The exotic wall decoration in the bedroom

In this room, you can easily opt for a total tropicool look. Wallpaper for example, for a total dressing that plays with any decorative rule. You can dress up a section of the wall or overload all the walls. You decide, just order from Artwall and Co.

Tips to highlight your exotic wall decoration

How to highlight your exotic wall decoration

The enhancement of your exotic wall decoration is first of all hanging it on the wall. It requires a strong attachment that allows the wall ornament to be stable and upright. Fortunately, on Artwall and Co the decorations come with an easy to set up hanging system.

Choose your exotic wall decoration at Artwall and Co

Artwall and Co offers you a multitude of choices when it comes to your exotic wall decoration. Your order is processed as quickly as possible. The artwork is packaged in a reinforced cardboard box to protect your accessory from the vagaries of delivery. Each exotic ornament is sent from our French workshops for an irreproachable quality.

Exotic wall decoration tips for your interior