Glamor is fashion, the elegant touch of femininity that men can't understand. It is seduction at the highest point, without falling into the vulgar. A very chic decoration style, close to luxury and yet so trendy in modern apartments.

Do you like glamorous decor ? Artwall and Co makes you happy with a multitude of wall decorations in this theme.

The advantages of glamorous decoration in your interior

The trend for glamor in contemporary decor

Glamor is a style in its own right. An elegance mixed with sex appeal that we like to find in a film actress or a supermodel. In the decor, this translates into feminine colors and shapes bordering on extravagance. Just enough to impress, but still in trend and aesthetic beauty.

The sensual charm of glamor in an apartment

Glamor is sensual, it's sexy and it's never cliché. Designers like to bring this touch of charm to their interior designs. Have you noticed the layout of a beauty or hair salon for women? We are seduced, we feel good there and we are at ease.

Glamorous decor, the contemporary trend

Bring glamor with painting paintings

A glamorous style wall painting

The themes covered for the glamorous paintings

Chignon, pumps, feminine color… the glamorous paintings show very joyful images. Monroe, Dior, Hollywood… the themes are numerous and the subjects very diverse. The artists let their imagination run wild and this is transmitted to the canvas for unique and very personalized works.

Affirm a glamorous side with paintings

With the glamorous paint boards, you can show that you are attracted to stars, glitter and rhinestones… maybe you are. No doubt you have a matching wardrobe, but above all, you like to flaunt your tastes without restraint.

Adopt the glamorous style in your printed art canvas

Glamorous style on printed canvas : a feminized interior

With the glamorous printed paintings, you assume your part of femininity. It could be an evening decor, an artist image or a fashionista-style triptych. Interior designers often play with the seductive side of satin and very chic designs to bring out feminism in the look.

How to choose your glamorous canvas print

To choose your glamorous printed canvas, there are many possibilities. A simple image of an iconic fashion muse or celebrity and you can have that feminine touch like in fashion magazines. The important thing is that the image speaks to you and appeals to you. Do not be afraid of the pin-up and her cleavage, let the provocation speak.

Glamorous style wall canvas

The different glamorous wall decorations on Artwall and Co

Glamorous art photo

The glamorous art photo

A true work of artist, our art photos printed on aluminum allow you to install a chic and luxury atmosphere in your interior. These visuals are taken directly from talented professionals who will rock your home.

Glamorous wallpaper

Glamorous wallpaper

Wallpaper is an ideal instrument to show off a glamorous look. You don't have to cover everything in a fuchsia pink. A sticky strip wide enough to define a space of seduction is enough, as a graceful and non-intrusive touch in the room.

The glamorous style wall decoration

Glamorous wooden wall decoration

Wood has always been decorative in modern decor. But Artwall and Co has transformed this material into a glamorous and seductive accessory that can bring its personality to your interior design.

Glamorous metal wall decoration

Glamorous metal deco on Artwall and Co

The metal decor with a glamorous theme is much more than a simple image of seduction. It is a work of art that seduces with its elegance and imposes a feminine and voluptuous allure in the premises.

What rooms in the house to decorate with the glamorous theme