European apartments and houses have been modernized, and interior design has also followed suit.

A change in raw materials ?

Not so much, although we do notice some structural and conceptual changes from time to time. It is above all the style that has changed, the inspirations are constantly being renewed and the trends have evolved.

What is modern wall decoration ?

The criteria of modernity on a decoration

Basically, what is modern decoration? Like fashion, decoration sometimes likes to go back to old styles. Of course, in certain aspects, there is always a certain renewal of inspirations. But we have to admit, there are always classics that will never go out of fashion.

The theme addressed by a modern decor

Modern decoration can therefore also be vintage. But there are also new contributions from distant lands. Like the Scandinavian decoration for example, or the pop art that comes to us from English-speaking countries.

The advantages of modern decoration in the apartment

Modern decoration is always functional, practical and easy to set up. You can combine different styles or opt for a total look. Color combinations are possible, as well as marriages between opposites. Never mind, it is you who make the law at home.

Modern wall decor

A modern painting on Artwall and Co

Unique modern paintings

Contemporary artists for original works

Artwall and Co has worked with contemporary artists for years. This results in unique works, paintings of modern inspiration and perfectly suited to interior decoration. These are paintings intended to decorate and enhance the room, to give a special atmosphere.

Eclectic themes and endless inspiration

The modern painting can have various themes: woman, nature and its animals and plants, man in his social context ... Modernity has not changed anything in art, it is our gaze that has evolved.

A painting that looks like you

In order for a painting to match your interior, it must first be right for you. Trust your taste and understanding. The interpretation does not matter, it is the reading that is important.

A printed canvas revisited in a modern way

Modern features of the printed canvas

The modern printed canvas is one of the most fashionable design decorations of the moment. Its very aesthetic and uncluttered appearance brings a contemporary dimension to the arrangement of your walls. This type of decoration can be multi-panel like triptychs or simply classic like animal or pop art versions.

The themes of printed canvas on Artwall and Co

On Artwall and Co, there are a multitude of themes for printed paintings. There are Scandinavian versions, vintage models, animal reproductions ... anything is possible, you just have to find what suits your interior decoration.

Modern printed canvas

The modern wall decorations on Artwall and Co

Modern metal wall decorations

Ultra contemporary metal deco

Modern metal decorations in museums are for many intelligent disorders that often form the abstract. But on the site you can have something more concrete: aesthetic and functional.

Modern paper for your interiors

Modern wallpaper

Modern wallpaper almost fell into oblivion a few years ago. But since then, it has regained its stripes in modern decoration. We find it modernized with very contemporary themes such as industrial, glamor or bohemian. Topics that can be found recurring in New York and Hollywood apartments.

Contemporary wooden decorations

Contemporary wooden decorations

Modern wooden decorations from Artwall and Co come from responsible European forests. The ornaments are made in France in our specialized workshops, in order to produce articles with an impeccable and aesthetic finish. This results in a wall ornament that is both warm and high quality.

Modern wall clocks

Themed wall clocks

Modern decoration dresses everyday objects to transform them into an ornamental element. This is the case, for example, with the wall clock, which you can find on Artwall and Co in various shapes and colors.

What decoration for each type of room in the house ?

Each room has its modern decoration

Wall ornaments for the bedroom

The room is personal, intimate and relaxing. There are wall decorations adapted to give an adequate atmosphere to the bedroom. The themes can vary: for children, the nostalgic or those who want femininity.

Types of decoration for professional environments

Modern decor can be found in interiors where you work. Meeting rooms, waiting rooms, offices or classrooms ... these places are also increasingly decorated with accessories that can be hung on the wall: world map, exotic landscape triptych, wall clock. vintage theme ...

Living room wall decoration

The living room is the place to decorate par excellence. There are many who rely solely on this piece to give the maximum of their inspiration. Even if it means abandoning the kitchen and the bedroom. Artwall and Co offers a multitude of objects and paintings that can be used to dress up, style and personalize your living room.