Artwall and Co is also a whole collection of African wall decoration.

Hand painting, Juju hat, canvas print or even African baskets, ... Discover unique compositions in an ethnic style !

The advantages of African wall decoration

African wall decoration has its own personality. With just a glance, you can recognize this special touch.

In the past, you had to travel to have a similar wall decoration. But now you can order them on Artwall and Co with just a few clicks.

A very personalized decorative style

African decoration takes us on a journey. The colors of the murals and the texture of the decorative items are unique. A decorative signature that brings personality to your interior atmosphere.

Travel and surprise on the program with our selection of wall decorations to create this ethnic style!

The advantages of african wall decoration
African wall frames

African themed paintings

A pictorial art with an outline of the human body and simplified things, artistic forms and lines… African painting has inspired great European masters. The warm colors and pronounced contrasts are very attractive to the eye.

The typical African brushstroke

When we speak of African painting, we must imperatively speak of these atypical forms. A sort of abstract mixed with Impressionism, embellished with a touch of cubism. But we cannot pass in front of this warm aspect given by the colors. The bright sun can have different colors: golden at three o'clock on the yellow of the savannah, or red hot for twilight.

Triptychs with the spirit of Africa

African landscapes are so vast that Artwall and Co decided to put them on multi-panel paintings. This gives a modern dimension to this traditional art. A very popular aspect to highlight beautiful valleys, wild and wooded expanses, to make African wall decorations of any beauty.

Triptychs with the spirit of Africa
African animals wall decoration

African animals as a wall decoration

It is not only the men and the baobabs, there is also this rich fauna of the savannah. Indeed, Africa is full of animals that have always been present in the decoration of Western man. A lion's head for example, or a zebra. Luckily for nature lovers, at Artwall and Co, it's their portrait that hangs on the wall, not a hunting trophy.

You can find them in wood, metal or paper depending on your interior and the style you want to integrate. Do not hesitate to discover our collections in the wall decoration category!

The African juju hat

Juju Hat, a very old African decorative art

If we tell you: feathers and colors. You might think of a '90s look with sequins and rhinestones. Yet the African Juju Hat is a very old traditional decorative accessory. Now it is used as a wall decoration to give personality and ambiance to the room.

The origin of Juju Hat

This object is made of feathers and plants that have been put together to have a rounded shape. Originally, it was a high dignitary hat that was worn during prestigious ceremonies. This helps distinguish people who deserve respect from the crowd that is present.

African juju hat
The history of the African juju hat

A very modern wall decoration

In the past, it was a travel souvenir that globetrotters hung on their walls on their return from Africa. Having become more and more trendy, it is an object that has become a wall decoration in its own right, in modern and contemporary interiors.

Color and volume to decorate the walls

The advantage of the Juju Hat is that it brings both bright colors. Plus, it's the kind of decor with volume that's ideal for texturing the wall. It can sport a natural look or have undertones between white and blue. One-color, two-tone or multicolored juju-hat, alone or in several copies, this wall ornament is a perfect link between tradition and modernity.

African baskets as wall decoration

It is craftsmanship, handmade in all its splendor that serves as a wall decoration. A new trend that finds a link in an ancestral tradition. A display of sublimated fruit that comes to invite itself on the walls will say the laymen, but there is no need to say, it is quite aesthetic at Artwall and Co.

Ancient art as modern decor

The African basket is made of vegetable fiber. Assembled by hand, it is one of the objects that industrialization has failed to conquer, given the complexity of its manufacture. The latter requires dexterity and patience.

African craftsmanship and its personality

Neutral in color, it is a wall decoration that can go well with many hues. The vegetable fiber was dried, treated, then braided and assembled to make small baskets that would be very practical in the kitchen. And yet, with Artwall and Co you can easily hang them as a very contemporary African wall decoration.

African wall basket
African Wall Decor Tips

African wall decor tips

How to hang your African wall decoration

The aesthetics of the object are not the only important criteria for a wall decoration. Its placement is important so that this ornament is highlighted and sublimated. The art of presentation to set up places in the best possible way.

Easily hang your African wall decoration

Artwall and Co has thought of those who do not know how to tinker. This is why your African wall decoration is practically ready to hang on the wall. A modern fastening system, easy to set up, accompanies your batch of Juju Hat or African basket.

Arrange the places to hang your African wall decoration

To better highlight your African wall decoration, a solid color wall is highly recommended. The ornament is responsible for adding volume and dressing the place, so there is no need to add a pictorial overload as with too colorful wallpaper.

How is your African wall decoration made

The African decor at Artwall and Co is handcrafted. For painting, the artists offer an original work that is entirely done with a brush.

The juju hat are directly created in their country of origin and our wall baskets too.

The supports can be very modern and refined, like an aluminum plate that composes our limited edition artist photos.

African wall decoration creation