Everyone has heard of Boho decor, or the bohemian theme in interior design. We know it's a very colorful look and dressed in various shapes.

On Artwall and Co, we are well served with regard to the theme: printed paintings or paintings, wall decoration or even an object to hang, here are some practical tips to match your interior with the bohemian spirit that animates you.

The boho theme on Artwall and Co

Colors and shapes

The boho theme, short for bohemian, is a trend that comes straight from the United States. Dream catchers, paintings, prints… the wall decoration features colors that dress the place with incomparable naturalness.

The boho style according to Artwall and Co

The artisan-inspired patterns are reminiscent of Native American culture. The feathers and colors are similar to the natural fiber often woven by these very ancient peoples. This is also called the tropicool style, especially when sporting floral and bird themes.

The advantages of Boho style in your interior

Boho decoration is more and more trendy in modern interior design in apartments in large capitals. The style gives personality, the colors bring a warm side. Perfect to complement vintage and modern art if you want to play the classic mix and match of contemporary designers.

The boho style in wall decoration

Wall oil painting with boho style

Boho oil painting decoration

Paintings with inspiring colors

A Boho style painting is an explosion of color. On the other hand, the simplicity of the forms is an asset. As if it was a homecoming, a matrix of primary inspiration that has not changed in centuries of existence.

Custom boho paintings

And yet, the bohemian painting is very personalized. Each piece of Artwall and Co makes its difference as if it were a pride, a claim. The artists express themselves without restraint to form bohemian paintings of great aesthetic beauty.

Paintings made by artists

Recipe ? In fact these are original works that have been made by artists who have worked with Artwall and Co for many years. They are specialists in Boho art who draw inspiration from their culture to give us objects that are both contemporary and unique.

Wall canvas prints with boho style

Boho printed canvas on Artwall and Co

Bohemian prints on Artwall and Co are a real specialty. We work with talented and inspired artists who give us an original model. We then take care of reproducing it faithfully to make a wall decoration worthy of the name.

Several themes are available such as our collection of black and white wall canvas.

How your Boho print canvas is made

Your bohemian printed painting is made in France. A guarantee of quality and an approach that highlights the made in France. High-definition printing delivers striking contrasts and a crisp image. The backing is chosen for a look that is both modern and flawless.

An easy-to-hang printed canvas

The Boho printed board, like the paintings, are designed and manufactured to be easy to set up. At the rear of the frame is a practical and discreet hanging system.

Boho theme on canvas print decoration

The different wall decoration with the boho style

Boho wall decoration

Boho-style objects in modern decor

Of course, the Boho style is not just limited to paintings and prints. On Artwall and Co, it's more than that. There are also items that can be hung on the walls, such as dreamcatchers. One can also have a clock decorated in the bohemian way. Or just wallpaper with drawings relating to the theme.

What bohemian decorative object for every room in the house

Printed paintings or paintings are perfect wall decorations for the living room and dining room. It is also possible for a waiting room or a work environment, to provide inspiration without overloading the atmosphere. The ethnic juju hat is also one of the latest trends which contributes to the boho style for your rooms.

Complementarity of boho decorative objects

The various decorative objects in the bohemian style can be combined very harmoniously. You can put several in the same room to create a unique, eclectic and personalized environment.

Some tips to bring out the bohemian theme in your home

Boho, it's beautiful, but not too much

The boho style is very aesthetic. This fits perfectly with modern decorating rules: colors, texture and above all personality. However, the mistake that should not be made is to fall for the total look. That is, overloading the atmosphere and giving the impression that you are entering an Indian tipi.

Integrate the boho style into the modern decor

The best way to exploit the Boho theme is to integrate it into a modern environment. If it goes well with vintage furniture, you can opt for more neutral and less garish colors, which has the effect of highlighting the drawn shapes and pastel shades that enrich the appearance of your wall decoration.

Boho and ethnic wall decor advice