The industry has been part of the economic landscape of Europeans for two centuries now. Nowadays, she has integrated the interior with a decorative art inspired by it. This results in unique works and deep customization in each ornament.

The theme is perfect for all types of places, from the living room to the bedroom, workspace or kitchen.

Artwall and Co give you plenty of choice with versions in metal, wood or even paintings for your wall decoration !

The advantages of industrial decoration

Industrial decor : a modern trend

An abandoned factory in an industrial art photo printed in black and white. It's a theme one would be hard-pressed to imagine as a decoration a century ago, but in 2020 it has become a real trend.

The aesthetic charm of industrial decor in the house

This gives a very modern charm, masculine certainly, but also reassuring. Technology, mechanics or even engineering ... the industrial theme is also invited as a trendy wall decoration in the contemporary world.

The advantages of industrial decoration

Wall oil paintings with industrial theme

Industrial style on canvas oil paintings

Drawings on an industrial wall paintings

The industrial theme inspires artists from all over the world. The painters of Artwall and Co have worked on the subject in a completely free way. This gives designs that are both contemporary and intertwined with vestiges of the past.

Color and technical aspect of an industrial painting frame

The choice of colors is very characteristic on an industrial painting frame. Black and white is often chosen, with bright tips to enhance the landscape. Sobriety, efficiency and simplicity.

Wall art prints with the industrial theme

Modernity and aesthetics of the printed canvas with an industrial theme

The industrial style canvas print has a very clean look, especially when it is in the industrial theme at Artwall and Co. Modern support has something to do with it. On a quality cotton canvas with its wooden frame, the image is printed in high definition in a special and modern way.

Ideal for large white walls and art lovers and large design wall decoration !

Modernity and aesthetics of the industrial printed canvas art
Choice of the industrial wall art canvas

How to choose your industrial canvas print

The choice of canvas print is immense on the site. Choosing the best is not just a matter of the image shown. It’s more a matter of compatibility. The dimensions in relation to the space to be fitted out first. If you have a very large wall, choose the triptychs. Then the image needs to speak to you and address your personality.

How to hang your industrial canvas print

The industrial canvas print decoration on Artwall and Co is with a modern look. But it is also necessary to specify the fixing system which allows a discreet and solid grip.

You can also find a hanging system without traces or nails directly on the store.

The different types of wall decorations with the industrial theme

Our industrial artist photos on aluminum

Industrial fine art photography provides a dressing that is well suited to a modern environment. The simplicity of the colors makes it easy to integrate a more colorful decor into accessories and furniture.

Each photo is printed on an aluminum backing for premium quality

The industrial aluminum art photo
The industrial style metal wall decoration

The industrial-style metal wall decoration

The industrial style metal wall decoration is a very popular theme on Artwall and Co. The visuals and the artistic side of these sculptures are very inspiring and aesthetically modern.

Contemporary art in all its splendor that dresses your walls with personality and a touch of the unusual that always surprises observers.

Design, animals or even a map of the world, everything is there to accentuate the industrial style.

The industrial style wooden wall decoration

We often associate industrial wall decoration with steel, metals, electricity ... Yet Artwall and Co has managed to make the link with wood in this theme. A rather exotic material in its classic presentation, but revisited by talented artists to fit in with the industrious subject.

These industrial style wood deco offers you as well animals as recomposed paintings or trophies ... So many universes that will go perfectly with a touch of metal.

The industrial style wooden wall decoration
The industrial wall clock

The industrial look wall clock

A wall clock with an industrial look is a very trendy decorative accessory. A simple touch to put in place to bring another vision of the passage of time. Ideal for a coworking space or a waiting room.

Industrial decoration in the different rooms of the house

An industrial decoration for the kitchen

We find industrial decor more and more in private kitchens. We replace the fruits and vegetables on the board with pictures that have nothing to do with the food. This gives an incongruous, yet highly personalized look that is widely used by professional designers.

An industrial decoration for the kitchen
A workspace with an industrial signature

A workspace with an industrial signature

In offices or to furnish your workspace at home, the industrial theme in the interior decoration is very trendy. It is always modern art that inspires and speaks to the observer.

Decorate industrial style in your living room

The living room is the perfect place to add an industrial touch to the walls. We immediately feel the modernity of the place. Triptych or wallpaper, the possibilities are immense and nothing prevents you from switching to a total look. You have everything you need at Artwall and Co.