Scandinavian decoration has increasingly attracted the French in recent years. The point is, this is the kind of decor that is simple to understand, aesthetic and easy to put together.

Above all, it's warm, welcoming and easy to organize. You can adopt it in the kitchen, but also in the living room or in the bedroom.

A style in its own right that deserves its full product line on Artwall and Co.

The rise of Scandinavian-style decorations

Characteristics of the Scandinavian decor

This type of decoration has a refined look in your interior, whether it is through the furniture or the wall decorations. For connoisseurs, this is also called Nordic decor. White is often dominant, with gray or black geometric patterns.

Advantage of Scandinavian style

The advantage of Scandinavian decor is its very welcoming aesthetic. Ideal for the living room, perfect for the bedroom and suitable for the kitchen. Goes everywhere in a way! Plus, it can be mixed with other modern or vintage styles.

Scandinavian style in contemporary decor
Scandinavian decoration : a current trend

Scandinavian decoration : a current trend

This trend, inspired by northern countries, has grown in popularity in recent years. It will still be relevant to interior designers for this year. In fact, the Scandinavian style is not only the choice of the wall decoration, it is also the interior design.

Frames with the Scandinavian theme

Scandinavian painting on canvas

At Artwall and Co, we focus on the authenticity of the decorations. Our scandinavian wall paintings are entirely handmade by our artists and make you discover a totally unique style.

The visuals allow you to have an art object while keeping the simplicity of Scandinavian inspirations. Ideal for large white walls, these paintings will be the centerpiece of your interior.

Scandinavian painting on canvas
Scandinavian-style printed canvas

Support for Scandinavian printed canvas

Artwall and Co offers you scandinavian themed canvas that are printed in high definition. The image is frozen on a very modern medium: plexiglass or aluminum. This allows for both strength and ease of maintenance. The wall decoration can be dusted and even dampened for cleaning, without fear of damaging it.

The themes on the frame printed in the scandinavian style

There are also scandinavian-themed canvas on Artwall and Co signed by real contemporary artists. This allows you to have at home an authentic and unique work. Ideal to give personality to your interior.

How to hang your scandinavian decorative print canvas

The scandinavian themed prints are easy to hang. On the back of the support is a fixing system that is as discreet as it is solid. You just have to put it on a small clip on the wall or a nail and you're done!

Wall decorations inspired by the Scandinavian trend

Macrame, the scandinavian decorative touch

Entirely made and woven by hand, scandinavian macrame allows you to have an original decoration. This handcrafted object gives you a unique feeling of well-being in your room and adds a zen touch to your environment.

Our collection offers you traditional macrame but also works by artists in extraordinary colors.

Macrame, the scandinavian decorative touch
The wood wall decoration, source of the scandinavian style

The wood wall decoration, source of the scandinavian style

Wood is the primary source of inspiration for scandinavian decor. This is why Artwall and Co offers you a whole collection of nordic wall decorations that will go perfectly in your interior.

Animal trophies or even our timeless world maps, these decorations allow you to complete your furniture while respecting your theme.

The wall clock with scandinavian decoration

The wall clock can be declined under several themes. Artwall and Co offers it to you with scandinavian style. A discreet nod if you don't want the total nordic look, but want a welcoming touch as a wall decoration.

Ideally, opt for a Scandinavian wood wall clock, this will allow you to agree with the Nordic and refined style. We also offer various materials to create an interior that reflects your image.

The scandinavian-style wall clock

Other types of Scandinavian wall decorations

Scandinavian wall decoration are also objects, representative of nature or artistic. They are placed on the furniture, but above all, they are hung on the wall.

Artwall and Co offers a multitude of art and metal decoration photos to hang on the walls for a Nordic atmosphere.

How to showcase your scandinavian decor on the walls

Scandinavian wall decoration advice

Use good lighting on your scandinavian wall decoration

Light plays a very important role in scandinavian decoration. The reason is that in these countries the day is very short. To highlight this style, you have to put light on the works. This makes it possible to pronounce the contrasts and improve the general visual of the room to be decorated. Several small light sources are therefore better than a single conventional ceiling light.

You can match your scandinavian decoration with other styles

Scandinavian decor looks like a sort of thoughtful mess when adopted as a total look in a room. As a result, it is easy to incorporate here and there objects or ornaments of a completely different style. Vintage for example, which does well with this trend a little wiser than the others.

Order your Scandinavian decoration on Artwall and Co

Among the thousands of wall decoration references, Artwall and Co offers a whole range of scandinavian decoration. This cozy and warm touch that can dress your interior with pragmatism and aesthetics.