In the world of decoration, vintage is not the preserve of the nostalgic. Indeed, as we often notice, lovers of modern design often incorporate elements from another era into their interior design.

By touch or in total look, this trend is in fact a step towards modernity, especially since, thanks to Artwall and Co, there is no need to roam the flea markets to find a wall decoration worthy of this stamp.

Vintage decoration: a timeless modern interior

Vintage: the update

Vintage is to revive the old. An old fashion that is being brought up to date. It’s very trendy right now in contemporary decor. A touch of the past that we magnify and proudly show off.

Advantage of vintage decoration

In a way, vintage decoration is timeless. There are collector's items that have marked the ages, or simply objects that recall moments of our life. The advantage is that it allows you to have a very pronounced personalization in your decoration.

Vintage wall decoration

Vintage oil paintings

The different vintage oil paintings

The different vintage oil paintings

Vintage paintings have a special style. Color association, theme ... many artists who work with Artwall and Co have treated the subject with their own inspiration. This gives unique and very beautiful works that dress your interior with aesthetics.

How to choose your vintage oil painting

To choose your vintage painting, you don't have to worry too much about it. Take the art as it comes to you. The topic should speak to you and tell you a story, so that you yourself can tell your visitors about it when they ask you questions.

Example with this painting in photo for a retro interior and its sober colors.

How to hang your vintage oil painting for wall

Before, a vintage painting would hang by punching a hole in the wall to hammer in a nail or screw. With Artwall and Co, this is not how it works anymore. Your modern decoration with a vintage look is accompanied by a fixing system that allows it to hold in an aesthetic and solid way.

Printed canvas with the vintage theme

The support of the vintage printed picture on Artwall and Co

Your vintage decorative painting can perfectly have a vintage presentation, but have a completely modernized support and a clean look. On the site you can have a classic wooden frame, but also if you want a high definition print made on aluminum or plexiglass.

The many themes of vintage decoration

Vintage is reminiscent of the 90s, 50s and 60s, or even 20. As we said above, this kind of decoration is made to tell a story and bring a piece of the past into the present.

An example with this vintage table world map which brings you colors that correspond well to this style.

Vintage style canvas print collection

Different wall decorations with vintage style on Artwall and Co

Vintage wall clock

The wall clock in vintage decoration

The wall clock with vintage style is perfect for the discreet and non-intrusive touch in your interior decoration. Its look and colors, size and shape, details that will impress and bring the old side that will enhance the modern elements of your layout.

Vintage wallpaper

Vintage inspiration on the wallpaper

The wallpaper itself is vintage. When the theme is too, it's even better. But this is not a print with flowers or mosaic Paisley. On Artwall and Co you have a real atmosphere which is able to dress the walls with style and elegance.

Wooden wall decoration with vintage style

Vintage wooden decoration

Vintage decoration and wood combine with excellence. Moreover, Artwall and Co offer vintage wooden decorations. Made in France made in our workshops located in France, with raw material taken from responsibly managed European forests.

What are the ideal pieces of the house for a vintage decor ?

Vintage wall decoration by room

Vintage decoration for the living room

Vintage decoration is a very trendy touch in the contemporary living room. Harmonizing the past with modernity has become fashionable. For the living room, we often opt for a metal decoration which allows to have a 3D effect and to occupy visual volume in the apartment.

Vintage decoration to dress up the kitchen

Between modern electrical appliances and the ultra-functional layout of the kitchen from the third millennium, a small vintage decoration on the wall is welcome in this room which must combine practicality with aesthetics. A simple painting can do the trick.

Vintage decor for the bedroom

This is the perfect place for a total look place. It is an intimate place rarely seen by your guests, which will prevent you from being categorized as a nostalgic who cannot seem to break away from the old "heyday".

Vintage decor for workspaces

Vintage is perfect for a little touch in work environments. It is an ideal touch to emphasize the modernity of a place.