Milky Way Metal Wall Decoration

Milky Way Metal Wall Decoration



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An unknown solar system as a metal wall decoration for astronomy enthusiasts.

This design metal sculpture features eight planets that orbit around a large star.

The dimensions of this metal decoration are 120 x 47 cm.

The delivery is completely free in Metropolitan France and Belgium for this metal wall decoration.

Data sheet

  • Panels - 1
  • Width (cm) - 120
  • Height (cm) - 47
  • Depth - 1.5 mm
  • Dominant color - Black

More info

Milky Way metal wall decoration for a beautiful interiorFor themed metal wall decorations, take a tour at Artwall and Co to be well served. Here is an example straight from the very imaginative universe of our artists. A solar system that differs from ours in the number of planets and their appearance. Indeed, two celestial bodies that revolve around the main star have a ring similar to that of saturn. The trajectory of each planet is clearly defined, giving the metal wall decoration a scientific, mathematical look. A fully handcrafted accessory for quality optimization and artistic aesthetic rendering.

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    Milky Way Metal Wall Decoration


    Un élément de déco indispensable et qui donne trop bien dans notre cage d’escaliers.