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Canvas Accessory : Hang your wall decoration with easy system
Artwall and Co proposes a whole range of accessories for your design or art canvases and wall decorations. You can find as an exclusive product our hanging systems with straps that leave no traces on your walls and without using nails or screws. We also propose some hooks for your deco canvases that will leave no marks to enable you to place and hang up your Artwall and Co wall decorations in the best conditions.


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Once your order has been placed, the decorative painting that conquered your heart is finally at home. All that remains is to find a good place for it and hang it. Yes, but with what? In addition to our decorative paintings, we also offer you various accessories to brighten up or hang them. Need to know more ? We deliver our accessories for wall decoration below.

Our designer picture hooks

To securely fix your painting, we provide you with our hook clips. Discreet, our hooks do not spoil the beauty of your design painting. Designed with an unparalleled scratch system, they leave no mark on your walls. You do not need to pierce or damage your walls with nails, screws or tacks; with our hooks, they will remain intact. Best of all, they support a load of up to 2.2 kilograms.

To install them, all you have to do is locate the section of wall that will host your masterpiece, assess how many fasteners you need in relation to the size and weight of your painting, take your fasteners and glue them on the support selected. You should hear a click when these are attached. Wait an hour before sticking your board on it for more efficiency.

If you don't like the location, just pull the tab to release the board. Easily remove the hook, have no worries, we guarantee that no marks will spoil your support. In addition, this type of adhesive hook adheres perfectly to all types of surfaces.

Our hanging tabs for wall pictures

For your large format paintings, we recommend our tabs which support up to 5 kilos. Similar to our hooks, our hanging tabs are equipped with adhesive scratch technology that will hold your decorative paintings securely to its support. Their greatest assets? They are invisible, easy to place and remove. Their advantage is that no tools are required. What's more, they're great for people who don't like to drill into their own wall.

It will be easy for us to find a place for your paintings, know that our tabs are suitable for different supports: wood, tiles, melamine or even freshly painted walls. They are also easily attached and removed. Neither sticking them nor removing them will damage your walls. To remove them, stretch the tab slowly, pulling down.

Our pins of different shapes

Combine the useful with the pleasant with these airplane pins. Both decorative objects, they can also be used to attach a message or post-it on a wooden or cork support. Be sure to draw attention to your display by using our pins.

If you have purchased one of our world map boards, mark your next destination using them. Currently available, our paper plane pins are wreaking havoc with our customers. Travel and vacation memories will be there. Solid, they are made of metal. The tip is pointed for easy grip. Be careful, however, to place them in height to secure your children.