Wall Canvases Ties Strip

Wall Canvases Ties Strip



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  • Hand-painted Hand-painted
  • Printed on canvas Printed on canvas
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Forget nails, screws and pins with those tie strips for your decorative canvases !

Those wall canvases ties leave no mark on your walls !

Support a deco canvas weight of 5 kilos.

Move your contemporary canvas as you wish with those revolutionary ties !

Data sheet

  • Panels - 1
  • Dominant color - 4 hanging system per box for one frame

More info

At last decorative canvases ties that leave no marks on your walls ! With an easy setup between the canvas and the wall, our innovating Velcro system will enable you to place efficiently any abstract canvas or painting or trendy wall decoration.

How does it work ? Choose the number of art canvas ties you need according to the weight of the canvas. You will need two to four tie strips per wall canvas.

Click on the canvas ties together and setup the tie. Place your abstract canvas on your wall and that is it. If you wish to take off the canvas tie without leaving a mark, just pull on the strip. Everything is made easy for a better use !

Those ties stick on many surfaces and can be taken off very easily and cleanly.

 A box contains four modern canvases ties. Make sure you check the number of ties you will need according to the number of wall canvases you will have to place.

Hanging system for wall decoration without traces

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    Wall Canvases Ties Strip

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