Hallway wall decoration : a must have

Welcome your visitors with the right hallway decor

The hallway, or the one that separates the different rooms of the house, is an environment that we often forget to decorate. Yet we can add personality, elegance, class, or even sometimes a taste of the unusual.

The special feature of the hallway wall decoration

The hallway wall decoration is made to be hovered over. The visitor will not have time to linger on the scene. As he does in the living room for example. But it is a way of decorating your home in continuity with the style of the other rooms.

How to choose your hallway wall decoration

We therefore choose our hallway decoration with care. By taking care not to overload, while bringing consistent dressing to the premises. In height to leave a maximum of floor space, this is the kind of decoration that must be space-saving.

How to make your hallway wall decoration

The corridor wall decoration with art paintings

Abstract painting for corridor

Bring elegance with the oil painting art

A oil painting immediately marks the elegance of the place. It is the ideal ornament for its shape and the ambiance it can create. A painting is flat and glued to the wall. So little volume and risk of congestion in a part of the house which is often narrow.

The choice of wall painting to put in the hallway

The art painting on canvas to put in the hallway often has a theme that is easy to understand. It immediately puts you in the mood, without any detours or frills. The hallway decor with paintings has become a classic, popular with modern interior designers.

Bring color from the start

The hallway is often overlooked when putting everything into the living room. However, you have to realize that the hallway is an integral part of the interior of the house. You must therefore bring charm to these places, in order to give elegance to your apartment.

Canvas print wall art as a hallway decoration

The class of canvas print art

Canvas print are a very classy element in hallway decoration. This is convenient because it does not take up much space compared to a storage unit or shelves. But it brings a special atmosphere to the place of its own.

A classic decor in the hallways : the canvas print

It must be said that the wall art has become a classic that will never go out of fashion. With inspirational phrases or a high definition image, you have many choices on Artwall and Co. Its ease of maintenance is a huge plus for a place where dusting often has to be done.

Modernity in the hallway thanks to the canvas frame

The hallway can be imbued with a bit of modernity thanks to the printed board. Indeed, instead of choosing plants or heterogeneous objects, opt for an enhancement of the walls. It is practical, very trendy and above all easy to put on.

The modern canvas for a hallway decoration

Different wall decorations for hallway

Design wall decoration for hallway

Decorative objects

But let's not limit ourselves to images and artistic works on canvas to showcase our hallway. We can add texture and use some small volume ornaments in this place. A more discreet macrame or a juju hat placed high up can do the trick.

The other wall decorations

As long as the decoration is placed high up and hung on the walls, it is an ornament that can be used to enhance the hallway. Wallpaper is perfect for providing thematic coverage and personalizing places. There are also metal or wood decorations, which can be a continuation of what we find in other rooms of the house.

Hallway decorations on Artwall and Co

Anything that can hang on the wall can be found at Artwall and Co. Whether it's a wall clock or a world map. Choose your hallway wall decoration on the site with a huge choice of references. There is something for all tastes and all colors.

Advice for arranging your hallway in a modern and attractive way

A decoration that is there for a while

It is true that we can easily change the decor by changing the place and arrangement of our paintings or wall ornaments. But sometimes we like to find things in specific places. A feeling of familiar and friendly comfort zone that reassures us. This is why, often, the hallway decoration is something that lasts over time. It is therefore necessary to choose the location and the objects to be hung on it.

The hallway decoration: the elements to choose

The elements to choose for your hallway decoration must allow good circulation in the house. They should not be afraid of being damaged by a shock or by someone passing too close. Add volume only when there is room.

An example with this metal wall decoration which could perfectly suit large hallways as well as narrower spaces.

Corridor wall decor inspiration