DIY wall decoration

The decoration of your interior is one of the important factors to be even more comfortable at home. One of the essential constraints is the decoration of the walls.

How to do it ?

A thousand ways to do it. And there is no lack of possibilities at Artwall and Co. This time, we are going to offer you an apartment concept, the Do it yourself.

What is do it yourself decoration

Do it yourself is, if translated literally, you are your own decorator or interior designer. Do it yourself, the choices will therefore be completely personal to you. Somewhere, you surely have artistic gifts: Sunday painter or self-taught sculptor, you can use your skills with our decorative objects that you will hang on your walls.

To do it by yourself does not mean that you will no longer use other decorative items taken elsewhere. If you can do this, it is even better because you will have managed to save a substantial amount of money. But frankly, that's not quite the concept of DIY. It is a way offered to the occupants of the premises to add the final touch of personalization to the decor. Marry your interior decoration with decorative objects of your choice with your personal feeling and inspiration. This is the most expressive way to show your identity and your personality.

What does DIY decoration consist of

DIY wall decoration with paintings by number from Artwall and Co

Paintings by number for your interior

Paint by number, a creative hobby for the whole family

You don't need to have great artistic talent to be a DIY enthusiast. You yourself choose a theme for a purchase or wall object that you particularly appreciate. But which would be the work of others. A good decoration is based on a few criteria. The right arrangement of furniture and decorative objects to bring beauty. Lighting management to provide and optimize the effect of light in the interior. This light which is essential both for the visual part but also for the well-being of its occupants. Finally, your touch of personalization to do it by yourself.

To complete your decor in DIY mode, you can put additional emphasis on the wall decoration. To do this, paintings by number will do the trick. The Artwall and Co paint by number collection is very large. Whether by the engravings of the paintings themselves, the topics or theme of the paintings, the color schemes, the sizes of these,… There is something for all tastes and for all profiles.

Paint by number child

For a child's room, a painting showing, for example, a child's universe like Mario will work very well. For followers of the zen attitude, what better than a zen pebble painting by number. .. The list is long and we will not dwell on them any further. But in general, ecological, scientific, comic book lover, ... You will all be served.

Painting by number for children
Paper trophies for wall decoration

DIY wall decoration with paper trophies

On Artwall and Co, a whole panoply of wall trophy is available to you. But differently. If before, there was a tendency to hang the head of a deer, ram, bear, ... which are none other than hunting spoils. Let's agree that this no longer fits with the current concept.

Indeed, the preservation of the environment and the rise of great ecological awareness would require banning these now unsuitable and outdated practices. Fortunately, the artists of Artwall and Co have found some unusual substitutions that are in no way unworthy.

Do you like hanging animals on your walls? It’s okay as a choice. Artwall and Co offers you good size wall trophies on your walls. Deer, rhinoceros, unicorns, bears, rams, flamingos, giraffes, butterflies, etc. The artists have ensured that they do tilt with an exceptional work of the manufacturing material.

DIY wall decoration on wooden trophies

The woodworking and the finish provided by the artists of Artwall and Co are quite simply unique… The choice of the size of the trophies has been carefully chosen. We can unequivocally state that these DIY wood trophies are in no way or pointless.

Wood is an essential art object, personal use depends on everyone in the form of a frame or other support, hunters are familiar with this style. The same is true for using this material as a support for various collections.

Wooden animal head trophies

DIY wall decoration in the different rooms of the house

DIY wall decoration advice for your rooms

Embellish the wall decoration of your interior with your personal touches which will at the same time individualize each of the rooms in your home. You don't necessarily have to look for noon to 2 p.m.

Let's take a random example to see it more quickly. You can set paintings by number as the basis of your wall decoration. Then bring in accompaniment other personal elements to vary and perfect.

In your office, you can among other things hang the photo of your children who are your best trophies, your diplomas, the journey of your academic and professional career. For your children's room, you can exhibit with other objects such as trophies he won during a sporting event, photos that marked stages in his life… In the room, privacy will be accentuated , family photo, holiday trophy will be clearly visible.

The possibility offered by the collection of Artwall and Co is immense. And none of the rooms in the house are left out. Even the parts of the house that are more difficult to decorate. In particular the corridors, the bathroom, the kitchen, ... If you have the slightest doubt about your choice of future decoration, or if you are unable to develop a feeling which you want to show through in the decoration of your interior, you can contact us and we will be happy to find a solution with you.

The choice of DIY wall decoration