Nature on your walls: a new collection of nature style wall decorations by Artwall and Co

Do you like nature? Have you ever seen a landscape so magnificent that you ended up wanting to contemplate it every day on each of your walls? Well, take him home.

Tired of a long, hard day? Want to relax in a calm and peaceful atmosphere that breathes nature? It can be done just by looking at your walls decorated according to your inspiration and desire.

With Artwall and Co's new collection of nature style wall decorations, all of this becomes achievable and accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

The nature wall decoration, obvious for your interior

Since the dawn of time, nature has been a source of inspiration for artists (poets, filmmakers, painters, singers, etc.). Thus, Artwall and Co gave it a place in its collections. They sported "themes related to this subject that beg to be explored and displayed on the walls of our modern apartments."

This new collection brings out the true beauty of nature in every painting or print and in every decorative object.

Isn't there anything better than natural? And we say so well, chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop.

Decoration is essential at home. The walls hold a large place there, even primordial. A wall decoration where nature and nature reign is a style evocative of the beautiful life. A well-lit room with objects on the walls representing real nature, a natural style that will brighten up your daily life.

How to create a natural wall decoration
Nature painting canvas wall decoration

Nature style wall decoration with paintings

Among the different kinds of paintings, there are those which are hand painted on canvas. The designs of the hand painted pictures are personally created by talented artists and experienced painters.

In turn, paintings that are hand painted on canvas are very popular. They are practical, modern and really chic decorations.

These paintings are made with the highest quality materials. You have the opportunity to see the deep saturation of colors with your own eyes. Their manufacturing process is carefully monitored. And although they are made by the hands of professional artists, they are inexpensive. Exhibit-worthy art paintings are available to hang on your walls at minimal cost.

Nature style wall decoration with printed canvas

Artwall and Co offers a wide choice of nature-style prints to decorate your walls. These are generally natural landscape paintings, for example with multiple choices, for exceptional home decoration that will beautify your interior. Mountain, forest, breathtaking view ... Everything is there to make you dream !

You can also find a whole collection of plant or tree wall canvas. And what could be better than having a little greenery in your decor ? Artwall and Co offers you to combine design with green touches for your interior!

An inexpensive, original canvas print that only you have will be on your wall. To optimize its impact and make the magic work, you just need to place them high up. Clear and served by good lighting.

Nature printed canvas for wall decoration

Wall decoration for a natural style

Artwall and Co offers you different types of wall decorations to make your home a convivial space, a room dressed in an original and stylish texture. These decorations are all that is most natural, handmade by an outstanding craftsman. They put a personal touch, unique to your universe.

The metal wall decoration for a natural touch

Metal wall nature decorations

The current trend in terms of design and wall decorations leans more towards metal decorations because they fit into any type of interior and bring out the elegant side of a room.

You can find on Artwall and Co a collection entirely dedicated to natural metal decoration. Trees, leaves or even fruit design, everything is there to create an original and ultra trendy interior!

Wood wall decoration for a natural touch

If you're not too "metal", designer wood decorations are also very classy. This material has a specificity. The designers show special know-how and great talent for working with it and making it a splendid interior decoration.

With themes based on mountains, exotic leaves or even the map of the world, our wooden decorations are both nature and design objects for any room in your home.

Nature wood wall decorations
The juju hat for a natural decor

The nature juju hat

If you like African culture, the Juju hat is for you. They derive from the traditions of Cameroon. Juju Hat are ethnic wall decorations made by the hands of the artists from the country themselves. Nothing could be more natural than a little touch of history and culture to stand out.

The nature art photo

Nature art photo

For lovers of large paintings of unique quality, nature art photos are the object they need. Directly printed in high quality on aluminum, these natural photos take up the work of photographic artists with a stop in time directly in your wall decoration ...

The nature wallpaper

Nature-style wallpaper

Wallpaper is also a perfect solution for a natural touch in your interior decoration. These will make your wall a real decorative fresco rich in color. In addition, they are easy to install and allow you to radically change your decor in an instant.

Nature wall decoration in your rooms

Nature-style wall decoration in the different rooms of the house

All the rooms in a house are different from each other. The designers at Artwall and Co were inspired by this peculiarity and designed a different style of nature-style wall decor for each room.

Whether it is your bedroom, that of your children, your office, the living room, the kitchen, the shower, each of its rooms has its own decor.

For example for your kitchen, prefer natural metal decorations while a bedroom will see more an array of plants or trees to create a Zen atmosphere.

Here is an example of a perfect mix and match with macrame plant holder.