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Juju hat african and ethnic : Handcrafted wall decoration for interior

The famous African headdresses in wall decoration finally available on the shop Artwall and Co! For a stylish and energizing interior, these juju hats will perfectly dress your walls to revive the atmosphere of the ceremonies of some chieftaincies in Cameroon. Entirely handmade and with feather, these juju hats are a symbol of prosperity and can easily decorate your room by assembling them. Make a unique and original wall deco with this new trend !


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Decorate your interior with a juju hat from Artwall and Co

The juju hat is a decorative element with a very ethnic inspiration that can be found in the contemporary decor trend. It is originally a hat made in the regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Western designers borrowed the theme to invite it into the interiors they designed.

The juju hat : a very contemporary wall decor

The strengths of the juju hat are embodied in its form that occupies space and its very tribal artistic presentation. Indeed, it is an accessory that is used for parties and major ceremonies in tribes of Cameroon.

Give volume in your wall decoration

Initially, this wall decoration is called Bamiléké hat. From the name of the tribe that uses it to crown their high ranking dignitaries. Made with plants and feathers, it is perfect for getting noticed because it is quite bulky.

Bring color to your interior

The materials are colorful, often with bright hues. Normal, since originally, these are objects used at major festivities and designed to stand out the heads that wear them. In the contemporary interior, it is an ideal ornament to bring a warm aspect to the presentation.

Several pieces that form a whole

The juju hat is an ornament made up of an assembly of several elements. The marriage of materials and the combination of colors help to design a space with personality.

Living room or bedroom ?

What is the ideal room for the juju hat ? While it's rare to see it in the kitchen, you can see a lot of it in the bedrooms. Their circular shape is associated with serenity and calm, as is the case with dream catchers. In the living room, this is the kind of african and ethnic decoration that is very popular with visitors.

The different models of juju hat on Artwall and Co

We can present the juju hat in different ways in an interior decoration that wants to have a personalized design. First of all, you will be able to find several colors for several styles:

  • Juju hat in light colors : Here we find primary colors that add sparkle to your decor.
  • Multicolored juju hat : Complete assembly of several colors in the same decoration, ideal for boho and modern interiors.
  • Traditional juju hats : Sober colors like brown, white or black for a totally ethnic and traditional touch

In addition to colors, you can create assemblies of several hats that will add volume and an original effect to your wall. Here are a few examples you can admire and order from Artwall and Co.

The simple juju Hat

The Bamiléké hat is with sufficient dimensions to occupy a large area. It is therefore an ornament that is capable of standing solo on an empty section of wall. Moreover, it helps to capture the full attention of the beholder, especially when he is of an imposing size.

The trio of juju hat

But on Artwall and Co, we can also offer a trio of juju hat. An ornamental assortment that allows you to dress the wall in an elaborate way and to play with colors.

The juju hat set

This african tribal hat is particularly very aesthetic. Some even make collections of them, varying sizes and colors. As a wall decoration, this makes an assortment that is particularly attractive to the eye and inspiring to the mind.

How to install the juju hat

Setting up a wall decoration is always quite tricky. The support must be suitable for a vertical position. Where is the ideal place to showcase it? How to hang it? Artwall and Co tells you everything.

The perfect place to hang a juju hat

To showcase your juju hat well, you need to place it high up. Ideally, highlighting with light is recommended. On the other hand, leave a large enough space all around to better clear the place and allow this wall decoration to express itself with all its soul.

The classic way to hang a wall decoration

You can hang this african wall decoration in a classic way, like a decorative painting or a wall clock. That is, with a nail, which is not always easy in some apartments when you are not the owner. Just unfold the juju hat and let it express itself on your hanger.

Fixing a wall decoration at Artwall and Co

Artwall and Co has designed a fastening system that adapts to its wall decorations. It's easier to set up and avoids making holes in the wall.