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Macrame wall hanging : Discover your macrame wall decoration

Our selection of high-end macrame to discover with Artwall and Co ! From unique and original collections, these wall hangings are handmade by our artists in order to have a modern and quality product. Drawing our inspiration from nature and boho decors, these wall macrame are the reflection of an idea, an artistic creation, which will perfectly suit your living room or bedroom design.

Ideal for a scandinavian interior or for a contemporary touch, these wall macrame will be the decorative piece par excellence. Completely free delivery on these inexpensive macrame products with Artwall and Co.


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Use the wall macrame from Artwall and Co to sublimate your interior

Large macrame are used more and more as wall decoration. The design may vary, but the spirit remains the same. There are different versions in the Artwall and Co collection to dress up your interior. Embroidered like lace, it is a perfect dressing to give style to a bare wall.

The boho chic touch of macrame in modern wall decor

Always handcrafted, the wall macrame is imbued with that exotic touch very popular with current modern decor.

Natural raw material to enhance your interior

Fibers are in the spotlight for this type of macrame wall ornament. Knitting, braiding or weaving, it is like an embroidery which gives an artistic aspect to a natural element. It gives a warm side that touches sensitive souls and inspires dreamers. Exactly like a masterpiece would.

A high-rise decoration to highlight the wall

The macrame is to be placed in height, in the sight of all. Sometimes he's in the middle, but never on the ground. The goal is to attract attention, sublimate the space and showcase the artist's work. The fabric personalizes the place by the geometry of its points and the designs that are displayed

An artisanal and particularly aesthetic product

This kind of mesh fabric is a purely handmade product. He obeys the laws of inspiration and drawing, resulting in works of highly desirable aesthetics that can only be found in the artistic world. If you want to personalize a place, macrame is the wall decoration to choose.

The diversity of macrame murals on Artwall and Co

Macrame is not a trivial assembly like patchwork. It has a geometric design that follows a certain logic. Yet there is a very palpable diversity in this collection.

The embroidered fabric and the interior decoration

We are used to seeing fabric on the dining table or as bed linen. But on the wall, it's a whole different story, because the decoration is mural, in height. Ornamental patterns play the same role as drawing on a chalkboard with geometric shapes. Basically, it's great as an ornament for the walls and for adding personality.

A vertical wall decoration

Hanging on the wall, macrame can have dimensions that allow it to fully occupy a vertical space. It’s a perfect dressing when you have limited space, and it gives room for other types of ornament. Moreover, Artwall and Co presents in its collection some models that can be used as a support for pots of green plants. Ideal for a natural and relaxing look.

A wall ornament in width

The macrame format allows it to differentiate itself from the classics. That is to say, framed paintings or wall decorations that represent objects. This allows it to cover a larger area or to hang in a more unusual way. Horizontally, for example, for a linear and more inspiring reading.

How to set up wall macrame on Artwall and Co

Macrame is a decorative piece that is placed on the wall. Artwall and Co shows you the possibilities to hang this wall decoration correctly in your interior.

Where to place your macrame from Artwall and Co

To admire it, place the macrame in height. Since it can be combined with other types of wall decor, choose a theme that matches it and colors that highlight it.

A wall decoration to hang like the others

As macrame is a wall decoration like any other, we hang it with a nail or our hangers without traces or holes. Only, as we see on Artwall and Co, it is possible to have a model which occupies a fairly large area. Several anchoring points are then necessary for a perfect aesthetic result.

A modern and easy-to-install fixing system

As with all the wall decoration collections offered on Artwall and Co, we offer you a modern fixing system that allows you not to damage the walls. The installation is thus easier.

Cleaning and arrangement of the surface to be decorated

Macrame is to be treated like other types of wall decoration. It is necessary to clean and arrange the space that welcomes it with care to enhance it.

Order your macrame on Artwall and Co

Want an ornamental pattern on your wall ? Macrame brings its share of personality to your interior decoration. Do not hesitate to combine the different shapes and designs of macrame to give your wall a real boho chic and trendy inspiration. Also ideal for zen and cocooning environments, these macrame will be the touch of inspiration your interior was lacking ...