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There are 396 products.

Decorative wall art and designer canvas printed as wall decoration for your interior

Each modern wall art in this category is printed on cotton canvas and stretched over a Canadian pine wood frame. Discover our original collections of these wall decorations with designer canvases, nature, landscapes or even animals ...

These art works are delivered in packaging with cardboard corners as well as the hanging hooks. Each wall art print is finalized with an anti-UV and anti-humidity treatment to guarantee a rendering and a maximum quality life for your interior wall decoration.


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The materials have evolved in the modern interior design. But we can notice that to dress the walls and give a special atmosphere, hanging one or more canvas print is always very trendy. The practice is very old, since the beginning of the Renaissance this artistic framework has been suspended to give life to the room and tell a story.

Artwall and Co makes you discover its original collections of wall art on canvas, made by contemporary artists who take classics and shoot them in their own way, where their inspiration float away for the pleasure of our sight.

Decorate your interior with artistic printed canvases

A piece of the wall decoration that weighs in the atmosphere

A printed canvas is like a screen that inexorably catches the eye of the visitor, and even yours. It’s a little spectacle in its own right in your home, which is of palpable importance in the atmosphere in the room.

Identify the style of canva sprint that suits you on Artwall and Co

The particularity of the printed canvas is that it allows you to discover the passions and inspirations that animate the home. Whether you love travel, nature or contemporary art, Artwall and Co offers a multitude of works that suit you perfectly.

The rooms that can be decorated with these wall canvas

Each piece can be imbued with the presence brought by a printed canvas. You can decorate the kitchen with a picture of fruit or flowers, or the bedroom with a more relaxing theme. The living room, the entrance hall or the dining room, all the rooms in the apartment or in the house can accommodate this wall decoration.

What are the different types of canvas printed on Artwall and Co

The trend towards abstract canvas and surrealism

There was a time when the abstract was misunderstood and inaccessible to most. But in our time, it is an art in its own right that fascinates and captivates all types of observers, children and adults.

Abstract printed canvases are one of Artwall and Co.'s bestsellers.

The nature scene : a timeless interior wall art

If there is one art that is easy to understand, it’s a nature wall art canvas. Yet the works are still inspiring. Indeed, this is the kind of scene you watch when you think about the recipe you are going to invent for tonight's dinner.

The discovery of other worlds

Modern interior design likes artistic expressions from distant worlds. The designs are simple, but unusual. Easy to interpret, but still fantastic. This is the ideal kind to bring a very contemporary edge to the living room.

Printed paintings by contemporary and pop art artists

Our limited edition artist canvases can also impress you with their colors and originality. The artists who are at the origin of these works think outside the box with their inspirations and their vision of art.

Which canvas wall art matches your interior style?

You want to intrigue your visitors

Your interior decor allows you to know who you are, what your inspirations are. But you can very well remain mysterious and enigmatic. So choose something abstract, or inspire with pop art wall deco canvas.

You want a more relaxing atmosphere

In a modern apartment, a printed canvas brings a contemporary feel. But it should also be noted that the painting can really create an atmosphere. With varying colors and themes, you can achieve the vibe you want with the printed works of Artwall and Co. You're bound to find what you are looking for with this collection of world map paintings.

How to highlight your wall art frame ?

Playing with natural and artificial light

When you've found the right canvas printed on Artwall and Co, you need to showcase it with its location. Natural light brightens up colors, so it is great to put it opposite a window. Otherwise, you have to direct an artificial light, so that the work is not in the dark. Let visitors admire the painting in all its glory.

Combine styles for harmony in the interior design

The mix of style is very trendy in contemporary apartments. You can perfectly put side by side an image of a western city and an abstract painting.

The right way to hang your printed canvas on the wall

Now that you have chosen your wall art frame, all you have to do is find the right way to hang this essential element of your wall decoration. Do not wait until the last moment or receipt of your order to find the right way to hang your frame:

  • The nail is the most classic way for this kind of wall ornament.
  • Adhesive hooks. However, you have to be careful, because there is a maximum weight that should not be exceeded.

Our printed canvases are supplied with a hook located on the back of the painting. We also offer a kit for this kind of decoration.

Let yourself be guided by our collections and make your interior a stylish place.